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  1. I know that the choice of these two is interesting sincethey are totally different, but... I jumped viper before and liked it because it was very comfortable and fit very well on my back. A lot of people I was talking to, recommend Vortex and the price is also ok. My third choice was Infinity but I am a very short person and Infinity rigs are somehow 'long' so it won't either look or fit well on me. (I guess so)
  2. Yes, I am the one who was asking about two non TSO'd brands of rigs. And I decided to choose a well-known manufacturer and TSO'd rig. Yes, I have read all the reviews here more than once :) and my final decision is either Vortex II or Teardrop Viper. I can't yet decide between these two, that's why I am also writing this post here. I tried Viper before and it was far the most comfortable rig ever. And as a student jumper I tried a variety of different rigs. (But unfortunately no Vortex because no one I know is jumping it) I also like the pop out reserve concept at Viper. The only 'minus' is the price. For that price I can, if I get a Vortex, buy also a canopy. But, on the other hand, this will probably be my rig till the end, so it is a good idea to invest in it. Any opinions, suggestions, experiences?
  3. The problem is not in finding a website but some user reviews
  4. I am buying a new rig and came across these two brands. Never heard of them before, but a friend told me they are cheap and reliable. On the internet, there is no information or reviews. Anyone has some experience about any of these two brands? Blue ones
  5. I know there are many skydivers from Usa and I believe you could answer my question :) in summer, i am planning a trip to USA. A wind-tunnel trip, to be precise. So i need to know, where are the cheapest tunnels with, if possible, a dropzone near. And where in USA the jumps are the cheapest? Or if you just give me a few prices and locations. I guess you want to know why i am looking for the cheapest version- i am a student, i have to pay school, dormitory etc. and am a passionate skydiver too :) so, hope you could help. Blue skies to all :)
  6. Haven't been online for a while :) i am from Slovenia
  7. Hey..i just want to introduce myself, because I am new on dz.com :) I am 20-year-old girl from European country (if you want to know which one, just ask me :)...few months ago i started skydiving and became completely addicted..well if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.. Blue skies to all :)