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  1. Don't let nations that need regulations for Radiostations to play music in their mother tongue tell you that you are uncultured.
  2. You should read my other post where i replied to juanesky. You (or Gordon Sinclair) should also read this, or any other publication on the marschallplan, in regard to what country got how much what they made of it and demanded payback. Interesting in regard to support of US lead war is this article. But you will find similar numbers if you take any other newspaper.
  3. I am sorry but, when germany had massive floods last year nobody helped us. I would not have expected anybody to help us either, we even helped poland deal with those same floods. I think the only money we might have gotton was from the EU and thats basically money we had payed for catastrophies in other EU countries. Would you have expected money for 9/11? Did we not imediately declare solidarity? Did we really do nothing and are we really doing nothing for operation enduring freedom or Afghanistan? Was there no investigation on 9/11 in germany? Who gave you massive support in the first gulf war, from what countries did a lot of the money for that war come from and in whos economy did it flow into? Did you really mean ZERO when you worte ZERO or did you mean it did not seem like much to you. I know american media and politicians like to make you think your friends do not support you at all, but the only thing your friends opose is your Iraq war. I agree with everything you wrote, but i had to comment on the part i quoted. The part i did not quote mostly regards to events that are the basics of the US, not specific events of the past 50 years.
  4. Ok, you be proud of paying a lot of Money as a country, i will not be proud of what germany pays per inhabitant, (even though thats more than the average american) because it is lower that what the UN recomended.
  5. If thats true, there must have been major changes in the US in my absence.
  6. Very good idea Are you trying to start WWIII? I am sure you are aware of what Einstein had to say about WWIII and WWIV.
  7. Nice story, very american. Lets hope he never gets into a situation where he has to do things that violate his belief in human rights and ehtics in order to protect his life or the life of others.
  8. My eyes are open, thats why i asked for events in the past 50 years or so. One event could be the supply of west Berlin during the blockade of the Soviets. There is more and i am interested in the views of americans about these events, people etc. that make you proud. But if i think what you have achieved and are proud of are not even above average for 1st world countries, i will mention it. What happend in Europe bevor 1945 is part of the reason why germans opose war and are suspicious when someone starts a war. Most Germans also know the price of liberation. The price for the liberation of germany was payed on serveral sides and the price was higher than anything prior in history. The most important thing about WWII is to prevent something like this to ever happen again and the 1st world needs to work together and talk to achieve this. Did i answer what you asked for? I am not sure.
  9. Ok, i can agree to the concerns about the amount of aid in $. So Amazon is right in what she wrote. The link i provided refers to the GNP (or Bruttosozialprodukt), it also mentions data from 1997. On the right side of the first page in the link you can see the amount in Billion (Mrd.) Dollars for 1997. In that year the US only gave 4.2 times as much as Denmark. Denmark has 5.3 Million inhabitants, the US has 280 Million. Can you calculate that if you look at the EU as a single country? I would never do that, because it is highly inacrurate, productivity is much higher in countries where labor is more expensive. In Germany labor is very expensive. Still the cost of labor per produced item is the, or almost the lowest in the world. I don't think i want to work as many hours as americans do, nor do i want to not enjoy my vacation as long as i do.
  10. Here are a few number concerning develpment aid. Its in german. The US spends 0.09% of its GNP for development aid Denmark spends 0.97%. The OECD countries spend an average of 0.22% for development, that means you are below average out of these countries:,,EN-countrylist-0-nodirectorate-no-no-159-0,00.html Where do you have your information from, or are you comparing the US with countries like somalia when you speak of "most other places in the world"?
  11. So who voted for the US as the country to lead the world? Isn't it more like who ever has the most power/money rules, not very democratic. And if you get criticised politicians of your country call for sanctions. I am sorry, thats not my understanding of democracy and democracy is one of the things the US likes to stand for. Well and in numerous cases also when it is not called for. I do realise that the above link may be inacurate in some ways. Lets just say only half of it is true and not start an endless discussion of its content. Thanks for the reply to my question.
  12. Americas development aid compared to the GNP is lower that that of most European countries. He got them from companies in all western nations, thats nothing to be proud of, if it happend in the time of the embargo, companies that did that where condemned. But he was also supported by the government of a nation:,2763,866942,00.html I know your overall track record is good.
  13. I prefer leaving work at Noon over your "hoochie mama"
  14. But it sure goes for my country where there was even a discussion if a politician can be proud to be german. But i guess thats an exception. huuuh? If i would have a high payed job, then yes, that could be interesting, because of the tax. But if not, i am not willing to lose my good pay, my 28 days of vacation and my right to drive as fast as i desire. I don't think many Europeans would do that, i have even heard of the oposite case.
  15. Do you think all of that is not valid for all other 1st world countries?