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  1. It's worth noting that there are some connectors that are very similar that even mate together and allow charging but aren't actually the right pairing. There were loads of people in the PNW (and probably elsewhere too) who were using one of the most popular chargers for 1s batteries to charge one of the most popular microquad batteries and found that the batteries failed to connect after 5-10 cycles because the pins had been separated. It was ever so slightly harder to connect these wrong connectors but only just noticeable.

  2. Most computers think of k,M,G,T as 2^10,2^20,2^30,2^40
    Disk manufacturers like to quote disk sizes in powers of ten though.

    By the time you are looking at a terabyte of storage you're being oversold by nearly 10% compared to what your PC reports when you plug the disk in.

  3. Phone up the DZ that you want to jump at and ask them what their policy is. Most of the DZs in spain have a lot of foreign visitors so they probably have a stock answer.

    I think it's common to have a rule where citizens of a country have to have to be accredited by their own country's governing body when jumping in their own country. I've heard this about other countries too.

  4. If you're really set on doing AFf abroad, and given the weather in the UK , why wouldn't you? I would try to find a UK instructor who takes groups abroad. Even better if that instructor is based at your soon-to-be home DZ. That way you get the benefits of learning in the sun with a good intro back at home.

    I did AFf in Spain and had 6 unjumpable days and 5 days that were only for experienced jumpers out of 15 days in the country. In the same time a DZ in the UK had 12 jumpable days. While you have better chances of good weather abroad it's still random wherever you are.

  5. I'm looking for a coach to do some flying at iFly Seattle.

    I'm quite a fast-faller (especially after Christmas over-indulgence!)

    Looking to work improve sit / back / belly / transitions and have just started head down on the net.

    Can anyone recommend a good coach? I'm not sure how booking etc works in US tunnels, i could only see a way to book the whole tunnel for 30 mins. I assume a coach could organise rotations etc?



  6. I always used to do a fondue as part of a new year buffet. People can grab a stickful on the way past.

    Nowadays I'm always abroad jumping for New Year so haven't done this since I started jumping but I should do this for a different occasion - thanks for the reminder :)