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  1. I just started jumping a few months ago an recently got my A license. From start to current, this DZ has been given me the most incredible experience. Though it is a smaller DZ, the people here are incredible. From tandem to student to fun jumper or swooper - everyone is welcomed with open arms. I was made to feel a part of the family since back when I started AFF, and I have only become closer to the people here since then. Art is the DZO and is one of the coolest and most genuine guys around. His love for the sport is obvious, and overrides all other worries. If you are having fun, then he is too. I am grateful to have such an amazing home away from home on the weekends during the rest of my time at UF. The loads go quick, the facilities are minimal but have everything you could need, and the view is gorgeous. So if you are ever in town, please come visit our Skydive Palatka family!