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  2. I think it keeps it oriented butt forward.
  3. I believe most jump suits normally use #69 (aka size E) nylon thread.
  4. Why are you only looking at Skyhook when different manufacturers offer other implementations of MARD as well?
  5. If you have Android phone, try this app:
  7. To notice that you'd have to lack at the back side. If you just lay risers in their normal orientation that stitching would be hidden by dive loops.
  8. Doesn't matter what other manufacturers do. 159 is one of the sizes offered by NZ:
  9. Yes, you may indeed get away with it for 20 times in a row. But if you do the math you'd find out that the probability of that is not in your faviour. It is just 36%. (i.e. there's 74% probability something will go wrong in at least one of the attempts). (If you wonder how I came up with these numbers:
  10. I have many ideas, but not enough time to work on them (I'd rather rather be jumping). This is open source app, though, so everybody is welcome to add any features they want.
  11. Not too old, but it doesn't have air pressure sensor.
  12. As accurate as what? Sample rate is lower than what? My app uses 150ms update rate (which equates to about 6.5 times per second). This is more than enough to provide adequate accuracy both in free fall and under canopy. Pressure sensors built in most phones are capable of higher rate, but that would come with higher power consumption and greater noise level.
  14. Where did you get 13 years for Aerodyne products? I don't see anything like that neither in the reserve nor in the H/C manuals.
  15. The main unit is designed to be outside of the helmet, it has buttons on it so putting it inside wouldn't make sense. The battery pack could fit inside one of the audible pockets. But you can also stick it to the outside as it's designed. Speakers may be a problem depending on your head geometry, but Sena also sells a thin version of them: