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  1. Wait, what's the problem? He didn't even get line twists.
  2. Just want something that can penetrate wind a little more. I am basically at a 1:1 and have been that way for 110 of my jumps. My first handful through AFP were on a 190. It will be nice to have a little bit more speed as well. Also, I have a second container that needs a main. So if I downsize I can put my 170 in the extra container. I do not really want to build another 170 rig, I would prefer to downsize the new one.
  3. I am glad I asked. You guys have talked me out of it. I guess I will just keep looking for a 150 sabreII or something more similar.
  4. Just saw one in the classified which is what got me considering it. Also, I just kind of want to try a 7 cell(other than the one reserve ride I have had) Is the diablo not a very good canopy in general?
  5. Hello, I am looking to buy a used 150 Diablo. Any idea what that is worth with several hundred jumps on it?(600-800) In good condition. I am currently jumping a 170 SabreII. Will this be very different compared to what I fly now? I am building a second rig, so I will continue to jump both canopies in the future. Thanks for the tips! Adam
  6. Thanks for the tips guys! Did the first night jump on Saturday. 6000' Hop n pop. Deployed at 3k, turned strobe on, checked canopy with flashlight, and headed to my holding area. Nice clear night with full moon, was pretty was easy to see the DZ and landing area. No wind, so fast but good stand up landing. I cannot wait to do another night jump at full altitude. It was so much fun falling through the darkness. Thanks again for the tips for making it a safe jump.
  7. So, thanks to your help, I have my gear now. I am very excited about doing these night jumps on Saturday. Any tips on doing them safely? Tricks for judging the landing? How do you guys like night jumps? Falling through darkness sounds like a blast to me.
  8. Hey guys, I did a search and found some old threads on night jump gear, however the links in them were always too old and did not work anymore. I am trying to find out where I can get an appropriate strobe for night jumps. We are doing them at SDC soon and I want to make sure I get the right gear. Any idea where I can go pick one up from? Can anybody link me to something that would be good? I am not exactly sure what I am looking for. Thanks! Adam
  9. Now, I'm just tempted to do a high pull and see how many thousand feet I can do a stall for.
  10. Thanks for the great responses guys! I'm glad to lay this debate to rest. Blue Skies, Adam
  11. Brian, Great video. I was just working on this to complete my B license proficiency card. I actually quite enjoy stalling my canopy. So much so that my gf on the ground became concerned(also a jumper). We got into a debate regarding whether you can stall a canopy too long. She is of the opinion that if you stall for too long, the wing will not be able to recover(even with infinite altitude). I am of the opinion that as long as you don't twist up the lines or cause some other mal while stalling, you can recover the wing. It seems to me that even if you have been stalled for a long time and that the wing is deflated and just trailing above you, you can recover it. Seems that once you start to release the toggles/risers, drag will cause the tail to move up and backwards to start to flatten the wing and change the angle of attack. The wing will then start to inflate and become a wing again. What are your thoughts on this?
  12. Yup. And accept that no matter how careful you are, it's still going to fade. A worn, faded (yet well maintained) rig means one thing: you've been jumping a lot In that case, I hope my rig is extremely faded in the near future.
  13. Hello, So, I recently obtained a new Infinity with neon green making up a large part of the color scheme. I saw a friends rig recently which is only about a year old and the tape around the edges has faded drastically. Perhaps sunbleached? Any tips to prevent excessive fade? Should I just cover my rig whenever it is not on my back? hide it in a suitcase or bag when its at home? Is there anything that can be done to renew the colors later? Is it safe to dye the fabric? Or is having a faded rig inevitable? Thanks!
  14. I'm definitely no expert, but that does not look like a PLF at all. Looks like it stuck the landing and thus broke his leg. That wasn't "bad luck," it was bad form, IMO. Ouch.