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Dropzone Reviews posted by Amyr

  1. Immediately was helped and shown the landing area. They showed me their Ariel photo's and they pointed out key things to look for in finding the drop zone. Even reviewed my log book! (Will work on finishing that flare). They actually checked my reserve card! Which showed me they care about safety. Everyone from the manifest girls who were super sweet, to the lady in the canteen the fun jumpers the staff were nothing but friendly helpful and kept upbeat amazing attitudes. The bus ride to the landing area was fun and exciting in it self due to road construction they were forced to take the curviest road I ever rode felt like a roller coaster. They are comical and funny and very genuine they just made me feel like I have always been there. My kind of humor! No cliques no sky gods. I was asked by the jump organizer to join jumps. Even though I prefer to jump solo I felt part of the group like at my home drop zone. They keep the plane running never had a problem getting on a load or waiting for a load. A AMAZING FUN well run drop zone.

  2. Other then my home drop zone this is the only other drop zone I have visited where they actually inspect and check your rig and license both. The manifest was friendly and thorough. I immediately felt better about the quality and safety of myself and the facilities and equipment of the drop zone. I was taking a 2 day canopy class while visiting this drop zone and was made to feel welcomed and as part of the crowd right off the bat. The packing area was clean and the packers very friendly and helpful the area around well maintained. This drop zone is owned by Jim Crouch who was training Aff jumpers. I was amazed that not only does he work his butt off the entire time he packs his own rig as well. I was invited with the group to eat at a near by restaurant after jumping for the day. And welcomed back. Although this is not the closest drop zone to me. If something was to happen to my own drop zone I would make VSC my new home drop zone.

  3. I went with a group of friends to Triangle's Thanksgiving Boogie. From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome. We were given a tour of the entire place as well as the aircraft. Were told about landing patterns and shown the aerial photo of the area and made to feel comfortable before we jumped. Everyone was extremely helpful. The packers even took time to show us various packing techniques. When a few of us needed a packer they literally RAN to help with a huge smile. Manifest who was extremely busy ran everything with a smile as well and extreme professionalism. This is a well run, clean, friendly, no cliques drop zone. They have plenty of seating a really nice shaded wooden deck and outside picnic tables a indoor viewing area and very clean bathrooms. Will return

  4. I have now taken 4 jumps at Carolina Skydiving. I am enrolled in their AFF class. I am amazed at the amount of time they spend with you to make you feel comfortable with what you are learning. John is dedicated to teaching and will go over with you no mater how many times it takes. Andy is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. Richard has extreme patience and never seems to get up tight. Billy does not miss a thing in the going on of his DZ. The office staff remember your name and make you feel welcome.