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  1. The considerations on the batteries are true.Anyway when we turn on the cypres it does its setting on the current atmospheric pressure.Then if the wheater changes(rain) and then the sun comes back probably also the air pressure will be changed:in this case it's wise to turn off and on the cypres before jumping again,to let it do new settings on the new air pressure.This is one very important reason to be able to shut off the cypres. I don't know what the problem is with your unit but I would give a call to the factory to know if they can fix it.
  2. Dear Freeflyz I'm not going to try any HP maneuvers.I don't have any experience of swooping,HP canopies,hook turns and all this kind of stuff. Nor I'm in a hurry to try,I think I have at least the next four or five hundreds of jumps to improve my canopy skills before even thinking about learning any sort of high speed (and high risk) canopy technique.I'm just a skydiving enthusiast and I often ask people only to satisfy my curiosity even on topics that don't regards what I'll do in my skydives,sometimes I ask people just to increase my knowledge on the sport.So, since this is a forum where people post questions and get answers,that is just what I did and what the kind persons who answered my question did.If my question was in some way deceptive I apologize, and I hope that anyone (having information on the topic I posted) won't avoid posting in this thread for the same reasons that made you wondering about me.Anyway I want you to know that every day in this forum it's posted hot information (with,of course,the necessary warnings) that could put in danger the life of some fool if He doesn't interpret it in a wise way (just try to find some threads on how to use front risers on high speed approaches).It is left to common sense to make a good use of information,not only the one exposed on this forum but everywhere information can be found.Once more sorry for the misunderstanding(and for my English,I'll improve it, I promise
  3. Yep,I do.Anyway next week-end I'll try it again and I'll also get extra-time to slow down.Tnx for the tip