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  1. Hi! Last Friday I was fortunate enough to be on an 8-way at Jumptown on my 100th jump (for the record, the old-timers did most of the work getting it together ;). I've been told that I am now eligible for the SCR award, and I'd love to apply for it but I need to know how. The websites I've found for the men's award doesn't seem fully active (the application page for example isn't accessible) though the Women's SCR seems fully functional. Can someone let me know how one goes about applying, and thanks again to all those that have come before to make this wonderful thing that we do possible! SCR forever - now for the nighttime SCR! Steve
  2. Hi! It works for me... So far. I go to the DZ each Saturday until 2 (unless I have training or somesuch). And in New England we pretty much can only jump 6 months anyway. My wife is ok with this accommodation, but I do find myself wanting more. It's worked for 2 years now, so we'll see... Good luck! My wife has no interest so that isn't an option...
  3. Hi! I just got my B license (yay!) and I will be doing a night jump soon. Since I need a new altimeter anyway, I'm looking for a digital one that has the following characteristics: - Can use it at night - Records jumps so I can upload to PC - Can see fall rate while in free fall (I'm trying different positions in free fall to slow my rate with my new jumpsuit) - Optional but desirable: Do audible warnings - Optional but desirable: Really sturdy case (like aluminum or some such). I've been reading reviews etc. but I can't distinguish between the various models in terms of the features I'm looking for. Any thoughts? Thanks and Blue Skies! Best, Steve
  4. The pricing looks attractive, and they've been very responsive thus far... Thanks! Steve
  5. Hi! It only took me 10 months and 30 jumps (3 tandems), but who's counting! I got my A license yesterday from Jumptown in Orange, MA! I still get scared every time I get to the door, but going through it can't be beat, as I'm just learning and all of you probably already know... And who says you can't teach and old(er) dog (50+) new tricks! Blue Skies! Steve
  6. Gray- Wherever you are, thank you for your great smile and years of support and advice. I didn't know you long, but you were so great at teaching. Once earlier this year I as a noob with only 25 jumps you helped coach me when another student came pretty close to me while under canopy on final. You told me not to worry about it but were happy to let me talk about it if that's what I "needed to do". Everyone in JT obviously held you in very high regard, and my one regret is that I didn't get to have years with you too. Blue skies, Gray. You were one of the best. Steve
  7. Hi! Well, after 6 long months, I just had jump 16 (recurrency)! And what a beautiful day for it! Gawd, the last 6 months felt like forever... I tumbled a couple of times after a mediocre diving exit, but regained my balance, a few 360s later and there I am under canopy, quick pattern then on the ground... yah! I just felt so good about it (thanks Andreas and Jumptown, MA!) that I had to share... share your stories here if you'd like also! Blue skies indeed! Steve
  8. Hi Dan! As a very recent AFFer that was literally scared out of my mind perhaps I can relate a little of what happened to me. I literally couldn't get out the door for my first jump, but then a tandem helped me gain confidence and experience. And again the B class dive I could't get out the door again and went down with the plane. I just didn't feel it. I found the noise and motion of the plane scary and the open door terrifying. I could only handle like 1 jump a week. But I went to a nearby windtunnel and that helped once I got some coaching. And I took it at my own pace. With weather delays, vacation and my own schedule it took me almost 3 months to complete aff. And so what? We're all on our own path here I think. I just soloed and loved it and am ready for the next steps to come. But it took awhile to not be overwhelmed by it all-I couldn't even look up at my parachute at first on the first few jumps-it was too scary! And fear can affect you in physical ways similar to what you describe I think. But whatever you do be gentle with yoursel, and join us in the sky above how and when you can. Blue skies, my friend! Best, steve
  9. Hi! I just finished AFF and my first solo jump last Friday. I found out that a minute of free fall when you're alone from 13.5k is a long long time! Last load of the day, with a bit of early snow on the ground, everyone freezing at the DZ, kinda fun! I've been progressing slowly since the end of July, now it's time for winter rest and then A license and all the fun stuff! Oh, and btw, what kind of container do people really like, G4 or Micron (is that the name of it)? Anyway, thanks to all the great people out there in Orange, MA, and I hope to learn all your names and be a regular there... Blue skies! Best, Steve