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  1. I have one question, how on earth are you going to survive a rocket launch, the rockets used to launch satellites are not made to carry humans and thus their G-forces are much greater. I think he would be killed or black out due to the forces on launch.... I just think this is crazy! But i would like to know more!
  2. spikes2020

    Far East

    i only see one from this site... it could be because its so populated http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/dropzone/finder.cgi?search=addr&lat=32.84267363195431&lng=133.06640625&rad=500
  3. spikes2020


    Welcome, i too am looking to get into the wing suits~ they also run $1,500 or so... But try looking for a used rig... Its easier to pack and a lot cheaper! www.chutingstar.com is a great place to find new and used gear. I would recommend trying to find something that fits you there. Also talk to a local rigger. He will know a good deal that will be also safe and save you a few bucks.
  4. spikes2020

    Starting AFF mid-March

    Good luck, Where at? Are you going to do all the jumps on one weekend? I think thats the best way to go~
  5. spikes2020

    Just saying hey!

    Howdy! where are you jumping at?
  6. spikes2020

    First Jump In MOAB Ut - I'm hooked!

    Well you can always tell your wife that skydiving saved your life, from a hart attack! Good luck on the weight loss, and the soon AFF!
  7. spikes2020

    Another Aussie Noob

    Good luck! If your going the USPA rout then the SIM or what ever equilivant would be good to read up on. http://www.uspa.org/SIM.aspx Let us know how it goes!
  8. spikes2020


    Hey! I am working towards wing suits too.... it seems like maybe 1 year or so to get enough jumps for it.... Anyway good luck and have fun in flordia!
  9. spikes2020

    Brand New to Skydiving!

    Good Luck! I did mine in 2 days 3 the first day 4 the second.... Its best if you can get them all done in one weekend, better learning curve and also you feel more relaxed....
  10. spikes2020

    All healed up

    Wow that looks like a lot of metal. I broke my foot from my motorcycle got 2 plates and about 8 screws... nothing like that. Anyway i still ride, i am sure you can get back on the horse as they say. you going to set off metal detectors at airports?
  11. spikes2020

    Best hand luggage bag for a Rig

    I was talking with some chick that worked for some air line and she said that they can ask you to check your chute... Has anyone had any issues with bringing your rig on the plane? She said they were afraid that you would jump out... I was like "traveling 600 mph at 35k ft.... sounds like suicide before you even got a chance to pull." Also they were talking about the AAD and the cutter pyrotechnics, or that you cant open the reserve... Anyone have any of these problems?
  12. spikes2020

    first sky dive AFF #1