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  1. I'm still finding post it notes every where... 1 wall is still mostly covered. They aren't as easy to clean up and you would hope. The balloons are mostly gone... every now and then i find a peice of one or a old condom... .... JK Cheers Jon W
  2. I currently own a house and rent out 2 of the rooms..So i dont want to damage it. Well my roommates have pranked me twice and i really need to get them back. First prank they did was they sticky noted my entire room and made a mario on my back wall out of colored sticky notes. Then handed me a pen as soon as i got home. Second was they filled my room with balloons, and handed me my knife as soon as i got home. I am currently thinking that spiders are the way to go. He hates them and would totaly flip out. So far i have gotten 80 tiny black plastic spiders and 24 large colored spiders to hide all over his room/car/bathroom/drawrs/bed/closet.... Along with 10 packs of spider webs, each covering 200 SF. Total cost ~20 bucks off ebay. I also want to buy a real spider to complete the joke and inspiring real fear in him. The plan is he would come into the room seeing that it is covered with fake spiders and what not and casualy clean it up. Until he finds the real one... Then after that each fake one would flip him out. Being that there are so many he would continue to find fake ones for months.... Where should i hide the real one? (I've never had a pet spider before, i dont want to hurt it) What do you guys think? Any Improvements? What kind of real spider? (was thinking pink toed taranchula) I was going to post this to reddit but he reads that, so i decided to see about fellow skydivers. Cheers Jon W
  3. I wonder if they ever droped the phone while shooting that commercial.... Cheers Jon W
  4. I have one question, how on earth are you going to survive a rocket launch, the rockets used to launch satellites are not made to carry humans and thus their G-forces are much greater. I think he would be killed or black out due to the forces on launch.... I just think this is crazy! But i would like to know more! Cheers Jon W
  5. Well i have an idea that might fix the google search thing. Google uses 2 main components in its search algorithm. 1) how many other sites link your site... I am sure that skyride uses this to the max, making it very popular on google. If every true dropzone website listed links to other real US drop zones maybe we could fix this. 2) Number of clicks... Well because skyride has so many sites that it gets clicks and people redirected all over the place, i am sure this is also the reason they are at the top of the search. You can pay google a fee (how google makes 90% of its money) and it will place your company up in the top of the page. Each time someone click on your link you are billed a small amount. Anyway just some ideas... Cheers Jon W
  6. I disagree, i think fist bumps improve safety. Just like Skydive Radio shirts and swag improve your skydiving skills, i think the fist bumps gets everyone on the ground safely. Its that same mo-jo~ Like saying "i'm here if you need anything bro" That 'community feeling' will help provide a worm environment so that you can discuss any issues or concerns you may have. It maybe more challenging to fist bump everyone on the larger planes at bigger drop zones but i would also relate that to driving in NY City to like Omaha. Omaha everyone lets people in and is generally friendly because it is a smaller city. On the other hand NY City, you wont see that person again so who cares... anyway keep up the good work! Cheers Jon W
  7. i only see one from this site... it could be because its so populated http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/dropzone/finder.cgi?search=addr&lat=32.84267363195431&lng=133.06640625&rad=500 Cheers Jon W
  8. Welcome, i too am looking to get into the wing suits~ they also run $1,500 or so... But try looking for a used rig... Its easier to pack and a lot cheaper! www.chutingstar.com is a great place to find new and used gear. I would recommend trying to find something that fits you there. Also talk to a local rigger. He will know a good deal that will be also safe and save you a few bucks. Cheers Jon W
  9. this is the truth!! i got a main with 100 jumps or so on it and it takes me 3 to 4 times as long to pack it as anyone else in the area. A little of this could be my level of experience but, even when i paid a packer he takes twice as long as a "broken in" rig. Also doing some other research specters are a tad bit harder to pack it seems... Or at least a few people said so on the canopy reviews. Cheers Jon W
  10. how did he land it? PLF? that is a bit crazy. I've seen pictures of people use rock climbing gear and dangling one guy under the other with a parachute, then he drops off the end and opens his own chute. Cheers Jon W
  11. i am having a hard time downloading it on my phone from libsyn. Is there anyother way to get it? Edit: i downloaded a new browser and that seemed to let me download the audio file... for some reason the default one on the droid wouldn't let me... Anyway thanks for the shows keep up the great work! Cheers Jon W
  12. that's awesome! "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." Cheers Jon W