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    Ernesto Gainza Aims to Break Record By Landing Smallest Parachute

    What is the weight of Ernesto? I know from a promo-video, he looks pretty small. I guess something like 125 pounds max.
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    Unusual facts about skydiving

    These kind of threads start very often exactly the same way. Somebody registers at DZ.com, no profile info at all, then the "I am writing for blablabla.." and then a very strange question. Ok, one thing "I am very concerned about the position of my balls..."
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    Fear and Visualization Video by Brian Germain

    I like it! (like most of your videos) +1
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    I bought this helmet 2 months ago and I'm pretty happy! The helmet fits perfect to my head looks cool and is very quiet during freefall. Honestly I don't trust this d3O stuff. It is very thin and I doubt it to be effective on an impact. Don't believe in the sizing charts. I choosed XL and it didn't fit. Had to go for XXL (and my head is not that big). However, I definitely do recommend this helmet!