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  1. I always thought, skydivers should be a bit more aware of what's happening. But this thread is a proof, that the most ignorant and cockeyed posters meet on dorkzone. Read the paper of the NASA "Owning the weather 2025", read about hundreds of analysis certificats of rainwater before you type your dumb shit about conspiracy theories.
  2. I see, we have many experts here and everyone thinks he is right. If you have not jumped and packed such a configuration, I would recommand you to stay away from giving WRONG advice. I was in contact with Aerodyne before I decided to buy the whole rig brandnew. I bought on their recommandations. Is that not the way that you dorkzone-experts always adwise? "Don't fool around, ask the manufacturer!" I4, Pilot 188ZPX, OP176. The rig never looked or felt overstuffed. Riggers had no problem to pack the reserve, packers always told me it is a very nice fit. You can pack the 188 main into the bag and close the bag completely - no fabric sticks out of the bag, cover fully closed. The closing loop is quite short. A friend of mine has the same configuration: I4, Pilot188ZPX, Speed 170. Again, it is a normal fit. Not tight, not loose. In the beginning, it takes some time and patience. But after 5-10 packjobs, it packs dramatically smaller. It does pack AT LEAST two sizes smaller. It packs smaller than a regular 150ZP, and definitely smaller than the Safire 2 159 I could still fit into the I4. Tight but ok, cover fully closed, checked by a senior rigger. You can NOT pack a 170 ZP into an I4. If you do so, you def. overstuff the rig. I would not want to jump/pack it. If you still doubt my words, then contact Aerodyne to check. But please stop posting BULLSHIT! What is the brand and size of this container? IconI4 Ok then. An I4 is made for 150s, but people can and do stuff 170s into them. Then you were stuffing a 188ZPX into a space that will hold a 170, but not easily. This does not mean that ZPX packs two sizes small. It means that you got away with overfilling your container.
  3. I put over 250 jumps on a pilot 188zpx in a rig designed for 130-150zp canopies. It fits perfectly into the rig and packs definitely smaller than the 150zp I have into this rig now. If you say it packs 1/2 or 1/3 size smaller than regular ZP, then you must be the guy on crack or even worse! This is just plain wrong.
  4. Most probably it will never happen. Canada is quite far away But I am ready to take the challenge any day. If you can fit in a pilot 140ZP, the pilot 188zpx will fit for sure. I would like to watch you pack a ZPX 188 into a Javelin J1K sometime.
  5. Why do you recommand buying the same container as for ZP? Do you have experience with this type of fabric? A pilot 188ZPX packs like a 140ZP! If you use a rig for a 190sf canopy, it will be WAY TOO LOOSE! New packers (and many experienced ones) always struggle with controlling the bundle and getting it into the bag before it fills up with air. You can't really learn how to do this by reading about it, only hands on practice with coaching can teach you this skill. ZPX fabric has less bulk than regular ZP fabric. But it is just as slippery and hard to pack when new. The best thing for someone in your position to do is to get a container that is one size larger than needed. If you go with a ZPX canopy, try to get a container that is rated for the same size ZP canopy. Don't be concerned about how small you might want to go some day. If you are still in the sport when that day comes it it always easier to sell a larger container, and it's always easier to buy a smaller one. That's how the market works.
  6. I do not agree with you. It really depends on body size and what is available on the market. I bought brandnew, put already 300 jumps on it, downsized and can still downsize two more sizes.
  7. A safire 2 159 fits easily into an I4. Tested this October with a brandnew parachute. A 169 might fit but will be very tight I guess.
  8. What is the weight of Ernesto? I know from a promo-video, he looks pretty small. I guess something like 125 pounds max.
  9. Might be worth to spend some minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU1mL3YLOIY
  10. Thank you for posting and discussing this topic! I've seen quite a lot of experienced jumpers who don't stow the excess and think it's ok. Many of the less experienced guys do the same and think it looks more pro-style...hah!
  11. You thought the flare (NOT flair! Wtf...some of you are even native speakers) is not ok and did not look up?! Just to remember: This given piece of fabric over your head is the shit which brings you to the ground...hopefully uninjured. It would be a wise choice to do a visual check.
  12. You are a very good salesman for LASIK, congratulations! I would have done it already if there wouldn't be the risks! Just be fully aware that if it goes wrong, you won't jump anymore and that might be your smallest problem then. I know a couple of guys who did it. None of them is completely happy... As a sidenote: "Conspiracy theory" is invented by the CIA!
  13. For sure a Pilot 188zpx packs smaller than a 168zp. This is why my 188zpx fits into a rig built for 132-150sf. Do your own calculations and you might realize that a 168zpx packs like a 140zp
  14. 200 jumps limit here. I think it makes sense.
  15. You mean the Comp Velocity? You're a wee bit late there with your conspiracy theory! That has nothing to do with a conspiracy theory. Interesting that you think petra lite, designed for everyday use is on pair with a comp velocity.
  16. Makes me wonder if PD announces a 7cell Peregrine-lite...by chance, just a couple of months later
  17. This is just plain bullshit and shows again that you have no clue. There are some jumpers using a GATH RV without googles and are not complaining about tearing eyes. Good example is the atmonauti guy Marco. It offers NO impact protection is a lie! If you would be informed about skydiving helmets, you would know that absolutely no manufacturer guarantees any kind of protection. You can read that on every warning label on any helmet available. So every skydiving helmet - based on your definiton - is a piece of shit (and some extremly overpriced). Nobody uses any open face helmet in a tunnel without googles. I don't see any reason why you come up with this argument. Just waiting to get another 300 lines post trying to convince the whole world that ChrisD is right like always...
  18. Does the "new" ChrisD want to correct his statements about GATH helmets? Maybe he wants to apologize to GATH because he tried to damage the reputation of this company?!? And ChrisD, when you read this post, please do NEVER EVER reply , post, add or PM to anything I have ever or will ever post on this forum!
  19. Thank you very much for this information!
  20. I would mainly stick to grues advise. I bought a brandnew I4 that fits quite easily a 190 (ZPX) and let me downsize up to a 132sf. The reserve is a OP 176. Put over 130 jumps on it and will keep it for a long time. Don't listen too much to the advise from others. If you want a perfectly sized rig and don't have the average body type, a new rig is definitely worth considering!
  21. Use your common sense and do some research by your own. If you read through posts you will easily find out what might be good advice and what is just plain bullshit! I do recommend the cookie ozone. A nice, lightweight, quiet freefly helmet, but not cheap.
  22. It is very annoying to read your insulting, self-opinionated, 10 times longer than needed posts! Yes there are very experienced jumpers who jump this GATH RV helmet! Just because you don't like it, it doesn't mean nobody else does. WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS doesn't make you and your messages more important! What you do is called "hijacking a thread". This is not the only example of you. It's a shame that there is no function "hide posts from this user"!