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    You lack the ability to think independently and are only able to parrot what your leaders tell you?
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    Hi folks, It would appear that the only way Trump gets to 270 is if he loses 50 pounds. Jerry Baumchen
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    You’ve never had one. You’ve only had that when the media called it. Your side is arguing that isn’t valid. As usual Republicans are talking out of both sides of their mouths. Mainly because they stand for nothing. They have no backbone.
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    Skydiving may not be a thing for you these days, but for 40,000 USPA members it is. Besides, after tomorrow the "real election" will be over. The USPA election goes on through the end of the month.
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    I voted for Melissa Lowe. She will help stop the USPA BOD from wasting anymore USPA Members money on the failed building of the International Skydiving Museum building. This is NOT about the "skydiving hall of fame", it's about a building that has no location or plan and no money, other then USPA Members. Our USPA money would be more productively invested in Airport Access and the USA Team's.
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    Ron, A Trump supporter dies and goes to the pearly gates… There he sees St Peter and gets excited and walks towards the pearly gates. St. Peter says, "I want you to know, on the whole you were a good person, that's why you're going in. But we almost had to send you to hell because you voted for Trump." "What do you mean? Trump is the best president ever and a devout Christian!" St. Peter snorts and says, "He's nothing of the sort. He's vain, greedy, an adulterer, racist, and corrupt. As soon as he dies we're sending him straight to hell." The Trump supporter shakes his head, his eyes wide and mutters unhappily, "Oh my gosh. I didn't realize the deep state went this far!"
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    I PLF more than most people. In fact, my default landing is PLF, with a standup being a last-minute decision if everything looks perfect. And it's a fairly honest PLF, generally done only when it's a no-wind or downwind landing, so there is some speed. I just don't run out landings any more. Frankly, my depth perception isn't great, never has been, which makes using my backbone/ass instead of my legs be the first point of contact (i.e. sliding) a really bad idea, too. What has this bought me? A dirtier rig than most, and an injury-free jumping career so far. That includes about 500 round jumps (although most of those were standups). I taught PLF's back when I was an instructor, so I do know how to do them, and it's pretty automatic. I highly recommend the skill, and enough practice for it to be fairly automatic. Unfortunately, the most realistic PLF nowadays would be to jump off a moving truck or something, but frankly the injury rate would be too high. And since generally the forward speed is higher than the downward speed, it'd be jumping off a lower platform than the 3-4 feet that we used to use for PLF practice. The practice should't injure you (though I did have a student discover once that she had osteoporosis after breaking her ankle jumping off the PLF platform). Wendy P.
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    Either: a) No one is above the law. b) We have two classes of people in the USA: Those subject to the law, and those who are above it. The whole idea of a pardon is disgusting. That would be letting the next wannabe-Mussolini know that there is no reason to pay any heed to what is legal, since political office will give him immunity.
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    Could be here, or who won the election thread: Oh, Lindsey went down to Georgia, He was looking for some votes to steal. He was in a bind, 'cause Trump was way behind and he was willing to make a deal.
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    When Ron goes out for dinner: "Good evening sir, do you have a reservation with us tonight?" "No. Not safe. System not secure." "Yes sir, of course, not a problem. How many are in your party?" "Unknown. Waiting. Being watched. Soon." "Certainly, sir. We'll prepare your table. Can I have your name, please?" "No. Gave it away last night. Stolen. Wait. Chavez." "Very good, Mr. Chavez, let me just take your temperature, sir." "Drop it! I will shoot. Lima. Air America. Communists". "Please, sir! Don't shoot. It's just a thermometer". "Leaving. Don't follow. Benghazi. Deep state."
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    you'd be better off using an barometer along with the gps. i made one once using a gps module and a barometer, a small display screen, and a raspberry pi zero, but couldn't get them both to read at the same time. the forums i was looking at when i put it together suggested using gps also to check the accuracy. getting the raw gps data works fine, and it works with just the barometer, but not both together yet. i had to stop when shit went bad a few months ago. when i get some time, i will post some links that i used to help you with yours. i used the same battery you have and it seemed to do fine. when i get it working this winter, i plan on testing it in the air as a wrist mounted altimeter. as a chest mount it would be great. i was going for a sub $75 altimeter/gps/logbook. if that works out, i was going to add bluetooth and mate it with the pi i am putting in a helmet over the winter, but that may take a backseat also, a little ambitious anyway.
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    To a degree, you're right. But Trump is making baseless claims about fraud. The FBI has repeatedly said there's not fraud (FBI Director is a Trump appointee). EVERY lawsuit claiming election fraud has been dismissed. EVERY ONE. Your question about Republicans being denied access to the vote counting was proven to be false. Trump's own lawyers admitted in court that the R observers were there (which is why that suit was dismissed). This level of BLATANT lying is something the media has aided & abetted for the past 4 years. They've finally grown some balls and said (more or less): "We aren't going to be a vehicle for your lies any more". That's not 'censorship', that's responsible journalism.
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    And I can tell you what WILL happen if a vaccine is released and it turns out to have serious side effects. All those nutjobs will say "see? I've been telling you all along - these vaccines are UNSAFE! I have PROOF!" And they will actually have it - and will be listened to. And the next vaccine will have to go a much longer set of trials before it's released. And when it is released, most will refuse to use it it. "Remember last time when the FDA said it was safe? Not injecting my kids with that. I'll wait a year." And millions will die. That's worse than hundreds of thousands. If you want to join a vaccine trial I support that 100%. Go for it. If you want to end the disease before then, push as hard as you can for universal masking, testing, distancing, contact tracing and improved hygiene. Those aren't as quick and easy as a shot you get in ten seconds - but are a whole lot safer at this point. And they are very effective. I have a Nova that I haven't jumped for years. Do I feel foolish when someone else jumps a Nova and says "See? It landed FINE. You're afraid of nothing!" Nope. Because I have enough experience to know that "it will probably be OK" is not sufficient evidence for me to trust my life to it. Same with vaccines.
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    I just read an article that said NBC News cut into Trump’s last address in order to correct all the misinformation he was spreading. My question is: why did it take 5 years for any news organization to implement this process?
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    My analogy to this situation (where wording was surely deliberately chosen to be misleading): White House releases Pearl Harbour accomplishments Highlights include: - Ending World War II We have taken decisive action to understand, engage, and defeat the enemy. - .... etc
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    Well, I'm convinced. I'm not going to vote for Hillary.
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    The only reason we have such low temperatures is that we have so many thermometers.
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    Better than being a Republican. They always go low.
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    1st year in sport, wanted to talk to everybody about it and expected most would love it. 2nd-4th year in sport, loved to talk about it but realized most would never do it. 5th-30th year in the sport, change the subject when someone brings it up, having heard every wuffo skydiving story and joke way too many times.
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    Dude, you survived a situation that a whole lot of experienced people would have trouble dealing with. Really. You got some good luck, but quite a bit of bad luck too. This was not a beginner malfunction. A lot of people have jumped with injuries they thought they could handle; most of them got lucky. Your shoulder demonstrated why that's not always smart. Having two out is a theoretical situation that they give very experienced jumpers during emergency procedures practice; there are a lot of decision trees, and you haven't the time in the sport to have gone through most of them in your mind. One thing to consider is that when you have a potential ball of shit above you, a big ball of shit is probably better than a small ball of shit. And cutting away that low is almost guaranteed to kill or hurt you very seriously. Even a downplane that starts that low probably doesn't have enough time to accelerate as much as cutting away would. But shit -- you have 24 jumps and you were facing an emergent situation. You're here to talk about it. Anyone who gives you a bunch of crap is wrong. Instructors and the like talking to you about choices are hoping that you can incorporate what happened well enough to judge more quickly if you have another malfunction. You are very lucky that you were probably still jumping big student canopies. This would have been a different report with smaller canopies. Heal fast. Wendy P.
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    Thank you for all the encouragement. And you guys have convinced me and I will post the details here for the purpose of learning and helping others. I feel bad to ignore multiple inquiries. But I can expect that I will get different opinions and advice here. What happened: I hurt my arm during my previous landing. It was sore but was functional and I decided to jump again. Right shoulder dislocated on exit and I couldn’t control my right arm right after the exit if I remember correctly. Pulled the reserve at 3,300 ft. (And my coach pulled the main at the same time but I didn’t realize it) I was under the beautiful white reserve and my main was trailing behind, still in the bag. Later, the reserve suddenly dived down at maybe just a couple hundred feet. I was confused for a second, looked back, saw the fully inflated main and realized i was having a 2-out. The reserve was nearly below me and the main was behind and above me. I thought it was a down plane, so I cut away immediately and hit the ground before the reserve flew level. What I have learned: 1. Make good decisions up high to avoid making bad decisions down low. (Pull the reserve at 4,500. ) 2. Altitude is my friend. 3. Do not jump when I am not fully confident with my body. What I still feel confused about: People (who I have asked) have various opinions on whether I should cut away (or not) my coach told me that not cutting away at that low is a better course of action and personally I tend to agree with this saying - because the main provided a drag force that slowed me down. If I cut away I would swing under the reserve.And one of my instructors thinks that it looks like a down plane but it actually acts like a stable “bi-plane”. Honestly I still don’t understand why it acts like a “bi-plane”. He says I was coming down at an angle not straight down,so I should have landed the 2-out. However, some people say I should cut away(and that is what I actually did) “it is a down plane by definition” and “any down plane is a cutaway”. It is definitely a tough 2-out situation.. it is not a standard down plane but it really looks like it. The reserve was nearly below me and the main was behind and above me and they were opposite each other. Welcome to discuss...I always have fun learning new things. I have been doing research on two canopies out these days.
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    I'm surprised they let your friend jump at all. At one dropzone there were two young women who were treating the entire class (with other students) like it was just a wild hoot. The instructor (also a woman) came over and told them to go back to the office and get their refund, she was kicking them out of the class. End of story. Considering that this is a sport that can actually kill someone, I think instructors have a duty to not allow a student to jump if they just don't get it or act like they just don't care.
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    First, no they weren't. Nixon had been elected twice already, he couldn't be elected again. That argument of yours doesn't apply. Second, so what? It was just as wrong not to prosecute Nixon as it would be not to prosecute known crimes of Trump. One could easily argue that not prosecuting Nixon helped lead shape the system which allowed Trump to get away with all his shit. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the absurdity of this line of argument. You contend that plenty of US Presidents are grossly corrupt - and you use that to support your position that US Presidents should be immune to the legal consequences of corruption? Or to put it another way, because many Presidents are corrupt, you want to make sure that all incoming Presidents will know that they too can be as corrupt as they want and get away scot free? Is that seriously how you think a robust system of government should work? It's not just a personal payoff, it's the law. It's not just the law, it's imposing some form of standards on those who hold elected or appointed office in the Executive branch. The US claims to be a government of checks and balances. Trump claims that the President has the power to do whatever he wants. Which viewpoint do you think should be proved right? Irrelevant, the one has nothing to do with the other. Explain how Trump being prosecuted, convicted and not pardoned could possibly have an impact on the timeframe of a vaccine rollout, for example. You're contradicting yourself multiple time within the same post. Trump is obviously not a lesson to us all, you pointed out already that he got 70 million votes. Again, run a poll right now for greatest ever President and he would win. Run it in 4 years time with Trump still walking free holding rallies and he'd win that too. Then, it is considered an admission of guilt by people who understand the process. How much faith do you have in the comprehension of reality by hardline Trump supporters? Finally, since you jst said he wants one, how bad could it be? If a pardon is a demonstration of guilt, a conviction and sentencing is a demonstration of guilt plus an actual punishment. How is guilt alone worse than guilt and consequences?
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    Here's Charlton Heston bragging about getting Ice-T fired from a record label because he didn't like the lyrics to one of his songs. In the grand tradition of rank right wing hypocrisy it does not surprise me one bit that you idolise someone who is not only a PC warrior themselves, but was a cancel culture leader decades before it was trendy.
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    I guess we can add paranoia to your list of cognitive infirmities. Were you military, I would next have asked if mindsets like yours were prevalent in your unit. Now I know it's much simpler: you are just an angry old man, unhappy with your lot in life, who finds validation in lashing out bitterly at make believe enemies. The internet and this forum give you a channel to behave as abysmally homophobic and prejudicial as you like without fear of retribution. I'll further guess that in your little circle at home you take pains to be well behaved lest you be left without even the pretense of friends. Old age is a time for mellowing out and enjoying the days you have left not hating ever more intensely. Go find some good in something.
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    short video of last weeks event at the pyramids organized by Skydive Egypt https://youtu.be/1RPCOFcHaIo
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    What do you expect the President to do? I ask this honestly, because I expect a statesperson, who will have general policies and directions they want to go, and a cabinet who are knowledgeable in their fields -- and all of these people advised by advisers who aren't necessarily as good interpersonally, but who are all experts in their fields. I expect the President to have a political compass of some sort -- and that can be a huge guideline. E.g. "no 'socialism,'" or "free trade," or "health care," etc. But one who just throws bombs won't get much done. And I really, reallly, want intellectual honesty and consistency from as many of the congresscritters as possible. Which is why things like all the statements around the Garland nomination vs. the Coney Barrett nomination stick in my craw, because they had such self-serving "whatever it takes" approaches to getting done what they wanted. Likewise the "I'll be the hardest-working president ever, no golf for me" statements, and just about all the stuff that is absolutely within Trump's control that didn't happen. The wall was one thing (it was hyperbolic, and wrongly proposed, but it was at least a stab in a direction), he did need budget for that, and it wasn't entirely in his control. So I find Trump to be wholly unacceptable, in large part because he's a bomb-thrower, with no real concept of what's going to happen when he's done. That's fine for some positions, but not the President of the last (well, not for long) superpower. Wendy P.
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    Close votes generally trigger recounts. As far as the mail-in ballot, well, there are states that do virtually all of their ballots by mail -- and their citizens are happy with that. Early voting used not to be a thing; now nearly every state has early voting. Each state does their own thing as far as voting is concerned (including voter suppression, now effectively without the Voting Rights Act to mess with them), and as a country that's how it's been done since the beginning. Now all of a sudden all these states-rights folks, who scream bloody murder if you mess with some state's right to have whatever law about abortion or gun control, are screaming bloody murder for the federal government to effectively take over (i.e. validate and/or recount) elections. Because they trust that a Trump Administration-selected group will come to the "right" answer, because, after all, it's inconceivable that their little bubble-generated certainty that Trump would be re-elected in a landslide is actually wrong. Wendy P.
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    Any further news about the Easter Bunny?
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    The Lord works in mysterious ways.........
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    Right??? Holy crap it’s a breath of fresh air. Functioning adults who can give a presentation.
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    Quick update: battery has been replaced with other, more reliable and I was able to test it today. Long story short - the unit didn't work as well as I'd expected: it was perfectly fine during the climb, showing both ground speed and distance, but during the jump when altitude drops quickly it just stops processing all the readings. Under the canopy it works again, but the moment you do any kind of dive it stops reading again for a second. Well, it wasn't designed for skydiving after all, so nothing to complain about. At least I was able to measure my ground speed under the canopy, so it could be used for some basic canopy piloting drills, but nothing more than that. P.S. Turns out the plane travels in circles roughly 70 km at ~190km/h to climb to a 4k
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    No it didn't. No they didn't. No they didn't. Indeed. Lawsuits as frivolous, baseless and ignorant as your post.
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    trump readies thousands of attorneys for election fight. Dozens of lawyers from three major firms have been hired. Thousands of volunteer attorneys and poll watchers across the country have been recruited." A politician decides he needs in-house counsel, so he interviews a young lawyer. “Mr. Peterson,” she says. “Would you say you’re honest?” “Honest?” replies Peterson. “Let me tell you something about honesty. Some friends lent me $85,000 for my education, and I paid back every penny the minute I tried my first case.” “Impressive. And what sort of case was that?” “My former friends sued me for the money.”
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    The Trumpists have convinced me. I'm NOT voting for Hillary or for Hunter.
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    Ya know, if they didn't use anemometers, the wind wouldn't blow so hard.
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    Whatever. Just use the cheap foamies. They work perfectly fine and they dont scam you into paying $300 to solve a problem that can be solved with 50 cents.
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    Anyone can beat a dog until it howls.
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    You must have missed the electric C208 already flying: In the UK and Europe the C208 is one of the most common jump planes around. MagniX are going to market it for cargo ops, which is pretty much the exact configuration for skydiving. The 3 DZs near me operate: C208, C208 (3 aircraft), PAC 750XL.
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    It is with a lot of sadness that the Mexican, Latin American and world skydiving community bids farewell to Toño. He died yesterday afternoon after 1 month in the ICU fighting COVID. He was one of the great promoters of the sport in Mexico and through Latin America. In skydiving, he is best known for being the DZO of Skydive Cuautla near Mexico City and his boogies at Puerto Escondido. He also participated on multiple bigway records (300, 357, 400 that I can remember). However, he will mostly be remembered not for his achievements in skydiving, but for his wonderful personality, his big grin, for being a great friend, for his positive attitude to life, for being fun and generous, for being the soul of any party. Ironically, the first time I remember him was in the mid-90's as he was singing a mariachi song during the funeral of a fellow skydiver who had died in a general aviation accident in a small plane. Toño's singing would make any party better. Blue skies Toño!
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    This is a picture of the 5 mexicans who participated on the World Team 2006 (400-way) in Thailand. Toño is in blue on the far left, then Nacho, Laura, me and Mach.
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    So now what you're imagining someone might have thought (but have no evidence for) is somehow a legitimate point of discussion?? Why do you even bother posting this utter nonsense?
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    Tough choice: an intelligent, articulate, accomplished woman, or an elf on a shelf.
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    Now we know who Putin thinks will win on November 3.
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    When you were reluctant to share, most probably thought you made a newbie mistake (me included ) by turning to low, or trying to avoid something or whatever newbie mistakes we make in pattern/final. The fact that you are here, writing about it, means you did what was right to save your life. Thanks for sharing, this is definitely a good scenario to share as when I was doing FJC the bi-plane was a cutaway if you had altitude.
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    Skydiving's not for everyone. After waiting 31 years, I joined a group of 16 planning our first jumps...13 backed out. Second try we gathered 14...11 backed out. (Common story.) So I paid for my entire AFF course up front and never looked back. Embrace your skydiving community and allow them to do the same for you. My greatest blessing entered my life through skydiving. Blue skies...fly fast, fly safe!
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