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    In my church there is controversy about taking the vaccine. Many have taken it, including my wife and I, but some refuse. Those refusing are not vocal with their reasoning. It comes across as, mostly, the government is not going to tell me what to do. To me that is very weak and not very enlightening. Some of us have had the virus and some of those have died or still suffering long term effects. My wife is in this situation. To date we have had 8,254 infected and 214 deaths. I would guess around 50% of the seniors are vaccinated. Getting an appointment is a stumbling block. Personally, I think it is better to be as safe as possible than to be as sick as possible.
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    I notice a common theme among some people here. They can't explain their thinking, so they find a video and say "watch this whole thing." If you can't summarize your opinion, I'm not going to watch an hour and forty minute video to make up for that inability. Sorry. This is another common theme here - discarding any data that does not support your belief. "The Shockley-Quessier limit means solar is a pipe dream!" (this was an actual claim here) "The SC limit is not an issue in solar. First off, that states that single crystal solar can never be more than 33% efficient. It's 22% now - which means it can get better by at least 50%. And it's STILL economical - and the price is STILL coming down. Price is not really affected by the SC limit. And it doesn't apply to multilayer anyway, like perovskite plus silicon. That can get you to 69% efficiency, which means practically you could double today's efficiencies." "None of that is relevant." Once again - if you use "woman" as an insult against a guy (or "effeminate" or "feminine" etc) it means you think comparing someone to a woman denigrates them. Even if you have a sister or a friend who is a woman. It's actually pretty common in some circles, just as some people think "that's mighty white of you" is a compliment. Now, if you just posted without thinking, or you asked Joe that by mistake, no worries. You could apologize for your poor choice of words and/or misunderstanding and we could move on. But I am done letting sexism, racism etc just slide to "get along." I've done enough of that throughout my life and I'm not doing it any more. It may cost me some friends, but that's a price I am willing to pay.
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    Resisting arrest, failing to comply, threatening to assault police officers... what does a white guy have to do to get suffocated around here?
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    Occasionally I see a BH quote and am reminded why I blocked him. Thanks for reminding me why it’s best to ignore his ridiculous bullshtuff Joe
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    That, hands down and against stiff competition, is one of your lamest statements yet. You realize we are all skydivers, yes? Some of us are also accomplished pilots, motocross racers, rock climbers, base jumpers, speed flyers, extreme scuba divers and a shit pot full of other cool risky things. But here are you in all of your brave glory being sad for us that we don't have the balls to go to Disneyland or your favorite Chucky Cheese owing to our fear of dying. Whatever.
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    Sweetie, you don't empower women, they own the power. It's not yours to give. Wendy P.
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    "Overall, we rate Electroverse a quackery level Pseudoscience source based on the promotion of misinformation regarding climate change that does not align with the consensus of science." Founded in 2018, Electroverse is a news and opinion website that promotes human-influenced climate change denial. The website completely lacks transparency as there is not an about page, the contact page does not provide the location, the only author named is Cap Allon who does not provide a biography, and ownership is not disclosed.
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    IMO if you are a cop worried you will end up in Chauvin’s position you should resign, and the good cops you leave behind will be thankful for it.
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    I love seeing a poster mansplain why a thread was locked - to the person who locked it.
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    Some people aren't just in it for themselves. The protection isn't just for us, it's for others, too. Some people even volunteer time and/or money to benefit people who they don't even know, and who are unlikely ever to give them anything. Wendy P.
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    Dumbasses. It's a homemade cheese steak.
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    And at a more fundamental level - homophily exists within all of us. We evolved to have it. Being uncomfortable around people who look different, people who look sick or injured, people from far away with strange ways of talking or acting, people who aren't part of "our tribe" used to be a lifesaving feeling. It warned us that we were in the presence of someone who might do us harm. We see it in four year old children, we see it in educated "woke" people, and we see it on both sides of the political spectrum. That can turn into racism if you are not careful - because people of other races look different. No one is evil for feeling that way; almost everyone does. Where the evil comes in is in not recognizing that for what it is - and not combating it in your daily life.
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    Whatever is going on in your life I hope you find the strength and peace you need.
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    Defunding the police means giving the money they spend on doing things that aren’t police work to people who are trained to do those jobs. Currently the police has to do those jobs because there is no one else to do them, because the police have all the money which they need because they have to do it. And because they’re not very well trained to do those jobs that aren’t really their job, they spend more money to do it worse than dedicated professionals would. For a really simple example check out the last vid of the 8(?) year old girl who was maced in the back of a police car after her family called the cops to report a mental health emergency. There were like 6 squad cars and 20 cops on the scene. Like, how the fuck much does that cost vs one trained and knowledgable on call social worker?
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    Hi folks, He got married at Chambley Air Base, France; where I was stationed a few years later: 'Forgotten Astronaut' Michael Collins Dies : NPR He stayed with the military and rose to the rank of Major General. Jerry Baumchen
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    It's a pop music thing. "WAP" stands for 'wet ass pussy'. Cardi B is the artist, and did a (fully dressed) imitation of lesbian sex with another female artist on stage at the Grammy awards show. The conservatives went nuts (predictably). Funny how the word 'pussy' is offensive when preceded by 'wet ass', yet not so when preceded by 'grab them by the'. Yet the first implies consensual activity, while the second is pretty clearly a crime.
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    Contact Scotty Milne at Active Skydiving via his website. He can give you the pro's and con's of AFF in Scotland and, if necessary, give you good advice on an alternative solution.
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    The massive surge in India is a problem for us too: The more cases there are, the more likely it is that a random mutation will arise that is not recognized by the current vaccines. While most mutations are harmless or benign, even if 1 in a million is a problem, the place with the most cases is where it is likely to happen. Which is why it is in our best interest to supply vaccines to other countries.
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    Came here to tell a joke about trickle down economics but then I remembered 99% of you wouldn't get it.
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    When you’re standing here declaring that you have no need to know what evidence was produced in Chauvin’s trial because you have already made up your mind that he wasn’t guilty of murder you really shouldn’t be making such stunningly hypocritical statements.
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    Haven't seen it mentioned here, but maybe do Tandem jump and reacquaint yourself with the sky
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    No personal experience, but one thing you can do on the ground to prepare yourself for landing is to learn and practice PLF’s until they’re second nature. Jump a canopy that makes a PLF reasonable (ie not some pocket rocket), and expect to PLF. Then you’re in control; you can prepare for a PLF (which doesn’t require nearly as much coordination and time sense), and only do a standup if everything looks perfect. I don’t have great depth perception or time sense in landing (I’ve taken several canopy classes and have over 2700 jumps — this isn’t new), and take this approach to landings. It’s not nearly as “cool” as a badass standup or swoop, but I’m a 66 year old lady who’s been jumping since she was 20, and haven’t been hurt on landing enough to miss the next load. That’s plenty badass. Wendy P.
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    North Dakota now has enough vaccine available that they will make it available to Canadian essential workers (mostly truckers) who cross from Manitoba. I'm getting my first shot of Pfizer on Friday in Winnipeg, but likely my second will come from this program. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-north-dakota-vaccine-essential-workers-1.5994519
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    Lots of troll-feeding going on in this thread.
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    I remember when Col Oli North wrote in his book. "We did what any good intelligence agency did; we turned on CNN." Over the past 30 years, journalism has shifted towards more opinion-based content that is heavy on argumentation and less on objective news coverage. They all chose a lane. FOX, OANN, MSNBC, etc. etc. I'm not sure what your point is - they're all guilty of influence and all have a market that listens.
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    And your house burning down could be a once in a several decades event, yet if it does you actually want the fire service to do its job. You don't care how many training competitions they win, you want them to perform when it really matters. So not including the pandemic in a policy evaluation is actually exactly what a fool would do. Does it matter no large western democracy did it well? Many countries still did it well. You're just laying the foundations of making exactly the same mistakes when the next pandemic arrives.
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    Any and all politicians that break the law should be prosecuted. This is not solely an R, D or I problem. The problem is politicians that use their office to serve themselves rather than the public.
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    Engineer is walking down a road. He hears "Hey! You! Help!" He looks around, and he sees nothing but a big frog by a puddle. "Yeah, that's right, it's me, the frog! I'm actually a princess that's been cursed by a witch. You know that story, right? Well it really happened. Now I need someone to kiss me so I will turn back into a princess." The engineer is surprised, then thoughtful. He picks up the frog and puts it in his backpack. "Hey! Listen, you drive a hard bargain. But if you kiss me I'll give you a reward. I have some money." The engineer thinks about it then keeps walking. "OK OK. You do realize that I'm a beautiful princess, right? If you kiss me I'll stay with you and . . . uh . . . do anything you ask. Anything!" The engineer thinks about some more then keeps walking. "What do I have to do to get you to kiss me?" wails the frog. "Well, I wouldn't know what to do with a princess," says the engineer. "But a talking frog is pretty cool."
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    True. There are many pulling away from the "Rush Right." But it's time for both [all] parties to start leaning more center.
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    Ever told a black person "you're so articulate?" Ever tried to defend yourself by saying something like "hey, I never owned slaves!" Ever claimed that white privledge doesn't exist or explained that you have black friends? Used phrases like "I don't see skin color" or "all lives matter?" Complained because of an advantage you perceive blacks having? Ever remained silent when OTHER people said those things? Then you carry some responsibility for the systemic racism that still exists in our culture. This is not an attack on you, and it does not mean you are racist. It means that you are OK with not pushing back against racism. I have done the same thing in the past. I am trying to get better about it, but there are still times when I will hear the "I'm not racist, I have a black friend" and just let it pass.
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    Agreed. You could quibble about his judgment but there's little doubt that attempting to prevent a stabbing - especially as the assailant is lunging at the victim - justifies deadly force. The better question is how things could have been handled such that deadly force was not needed.
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    I don't think Sarah Cooper would get any traction lip-syncing Biden.
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    Interesting that in your mind the actions of the right are the fault of Dems. Trump didn’t fill three seats because of that precedent. He filled two. He filled a third because of Mitch McConnell refusing to hold a vote on Obama’s last nomination, despite Garland being a pretty centrist pick. The lesson to be learned is that Republicans will do there worst no matter how nice you try to play with them. And they’ll cry victim as they do it.
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    This. What John is saying is a good example of where "America First" is a short-term gain at a likely long-term loss. Yes, we can protect "our" people first, but the sooner we have at least spotty vaccination in the world, the slower transmission will be, and the fewer opportunities there will be for mutation. It's kind of like the guy in the apartment complex who doesn't want to contribute to a bedbug fund, because his apartment isn't the worst. Trust me, they'll get in, or he'll spend so much more effort keeping them out because they're close that it would have been easier and cheaper to contribute to the fund in the first place. Wendy P.
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    I've been seriously hurt three times: once from a hard opening (compression fracture, T8), once from having someone literally fly under me on final (tore MCL after I fell about 15ft to the ground), and once from a stupid decision while landing (broke my ankle). The first injury may have been the hardest for me to come back from, both because it was the first time I had been seriously injured, and because the injury was permanent and TO MY SPINE. But before I even went out to the DZ, I went through the pros and cons in my head. (I also re-learned how to pack, and vowed never to let anyone else pack for me ever again.) Once I had decided that I was coming back, then I went to the DZ and did a coach jump with one of my friends. The plane ride up was scary, stepping out was scary, letting go was scary. But I simply pushed through it. And, after I landed, the next jump became easier. So, that would be my advice: seriously go through the pros and cons in your head, and if you decide that you want to do the work of getting back in the air: (1) do all the work you can to minimize the chance that you're going to injure yourself again (reflect on why you chose the canopy you did, whether there were any voices you ignored, how the landing went bad and what you can do to have it not go bad again, think about whether your canopy now is the appropriate size, etc.); and then (2) simply push through the fear once you're there. Make the steps small: (1) get packed; (2) put on your rig; (3) get on the plane; (4) take off your seat belt, etc. after (9) step off the plane, you're skydiving. There's also no shame in waiting longer if you decide you don't want to go back right now. Nor is there any shame in hanging it up for the foreseeable future. Good luck!
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    No surprise, you don't know enough about her to spell her name. Like the people hoping all Conservatives die in their sleep so liberal progress can be made? Do you think that is at all angry or hateful? Do you need help on understanding what 'objective' means? Being conservative isn't an objective qualification. If you think she is qualified because she's a conservative, please stop pretending your dismissal of Harris is based on anything other than her being a liberal. As for brave, well ok, I guess standing up in public and declaring that the southern strategy was a myth and never happened does take a certain kind of bravery. I'd be too embarassed to be able to lie like that. Independent thinking? OK, again I can see that. When she tried to defend Trump's nationalist policies by comparing them to the Nazi Party, and said the only thing Hitler ever did wrong was in trying to implement his ideas outside of Germany I very much doubt anyone else told her to say that. I am quite sure she came up with that all on her own. Author though? We both know you've never read anything she's written so you certainly can't claim she's somehow a good enough writer to be immediately suitable for high office. Again, the fact that you tried to think of qualified black women and the best you could come up with is a toxic right wing social media personality whose name you approximately know just further proves Joe's point
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    That I agree with. But the thing is that Keith is simply recognizing that here in America we have the second amendment as interpreted by our Supreme Court. No solution is worth talking about if it lay's outside the confines of that reality. I, for one, think the whole gun craze in America, is simply ridiculous especially this nonsense with AR-15's and safety less hand guns like Glocks. But I am not ready to give up my guns. I don't think my shotguns are a danger to much more than woodpeckers and gophers. Also, I like the idea of a home defense shotgun. I believe if the fringes on both sides would just accept some common sense changes that recognize it's not an all or nothing proposition we can get to a better place. Beating the same drum won't help.
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    Welcome Back!! You want the serious answer? Upsize your canopies.
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    Now you've gone and done it, you made the new Mod say cripes. I suspect we'll have another "too many connections" episode because of you.
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    Good Morning, Mike. One of the moderators pointed me to this thread. I am the founder of the Anvil Brothers Skydiving Team, but had turned it over to MaxxMadMaxxx at Skydive Houston. The original premise was to help skydivers over 200# to skydive better with their "little" friends, to help them find "Anvil-Friendly" dropzones to learn how to skydive and to bomb the World FreeFall Convention with nightly naked, no suit, no stress, sunset skydives to catch an eight way chunk and if you succeeded - you too; could get an Anvil Brothers Number. To your kid. At 300# - I hate to say it, but the chances are almost zero percent that it isn't going to happen for two reasons, 1) Is the "Highest" Technical Standard Order (TSO) by the FAA is 300# for AFF. That's the equipment (Rig, Main, Reserve, Altimeter, suit, shoes, + skydiver - everything) cannot exceed 300#, 2) Trying to find an Instructor to jump with someone will also be difficult. There is no worse feeling in the world than to "lose" a student in freefall and hope you remembered to triple check the AAD, but to pray in freefall they "pull first" to get the main out there. There are those that will tell you - "Oh AFF can can be done with a tandem rig." and it can, but the best of luck finding someone to reconfigure their tandem for AFF for a statistically one-time jump (by that I mean - the percentage of one-time jumpers is still very high). Tandem Jump - MAX TSO weight is #500 - that's Instructor, Student + ALL gear before getting on the plane. That would mean finding a TI that weighs about ~125# and who has the willingness to take someone your son's size on a tandem. And finally, the prospect of your son getting hurt. Just a fact, but the bigger, the more prone to injury on landing. RECOMMENDATION: 1. If your son is in a field (Football) where he needs to maintain that weight - ask him to focus on his priorities. Stay in what he's doing and let the dream of skydiving wait. We always say, "The sky will always be there." 2. If he can lose weight; he should get down to around 240# for his first dive with a height/weight that is proportional - should he continue, it's been my experience that after the first skydive and if they fall in love with it - they'll lose more weight and even faster. You are welcome to PM me with further questions. I'm always willing to help my fellow Anvil Brothers. Keith BIGUN
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    OK The one on the left is blonde and the one on the right is brunette. How'd I do?
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    I never claimed the info was new,, What is new is the fact that it is in the FBI docs.. previously it was hearsay from agents. I posted the FBI doc as confirmation... get it.
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    To educate oneself more and try to understand the source of the issues better, to be a better informed consumer, before discussing it with the manufacturer? To piss off those who cry "Won't somebody think of the children?", I mean "Why didn't you contact the manufacturer first?" ?
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    The man was physically in close contact with Floyd as he lost consciousness and his life ended. I believe that it would be impossible for a man with Chauvin's experience not to realize what was happening. Many of the witnesses did. At some point during the event he realized that death was imminent and he made a decision to finish the job. Because he wanted to, and felt that he could get away with it. It was murder.
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    How am I attempting to 'shame' you? The White Privilege I'm talking about isn't being applied to you. It's you giving it to Chauvin. You originally claimed Floyd died of an OD (later recanted). You've claimed that the autopsy done by the family is biased. You claimed in the OP that Chauvin won't get a fair trial. I've repeatedly asked what you mean by that. I have yet to see a specific response. Just vague assertions that the city isn't ready for the aftermath of the verdict, that there are 'forces' in play, that the outcome is already determined. You've said you don't want to believe that Chauvin deliberately killed Floyd. You said that Chauvin 'could have saved' Floyd. As was pointed out, that's sort of true. He could have 'saved' him by not murdering him. All of those claims point to the idea that you don't want to see Chauvin convicted. The idea that Chauvin should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law is a principle our justice system is founded on. The idea that white cops should be able to get away with murdering black people is not.
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    If you’re asking for drop zone financing advice here, you’re not ready to buy a drop zone. IMHO Do you have a good DZO friend that has been around a while that can mentor you through the process? There are about 101 things to review before purchasing, or starting a DZ from scratch. A nicely run DZ in a good location can be very lucrative. Signed, recovering dzo
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