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    Skydive City is undoubtedly the finest skydiving resort/dropzone in Florida and the SE USA. Resort atmosphere and great facilities. A history of skydiving in Zephyrhills goes back 50+ years to the early 1960's. Come see the fun and excitement at Skydive City - Florida's #1 Skydiving Center.
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    A new modern dropzone esablished. New Hangar, new power aircraft - Pilatus Porter 10 places and Cessna TP 206 D 6 skydivers/lift, profesional skydivers staff.
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    A small dropzone in the rural Finland. We have great facilities for jumpers in every dicipline. The airport is mainly in our private use, so no holds. Our new turbine Cessna 206 will take six jumpers to 4 kilometers in 14 minutes, and our smaller Cessna 182 as a spare plane. You can also stay for the night at the dz during our visit: we have a sleeping cottage and sauna available. We jump every weekend till april to october, but in summertime(june-septemper) we also jump on wednesdays.
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    The best view in the world :)
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