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    Hi, here is a ready to go Vigil AAD. It is NOT life expired, it can be packed in a set of kit TODAY. Total jumps on it is 205, no activations. The Vigil is lifed to 20 years, it has one battery change at 2000 jumps, or 10 years which ever comes first. This one had its battery change in JAN 2014, and is therefore good now until July 2024.There are no outstanding safety bulletins pertaining to this unit, it is good to go. This one is a 2 pin cutter, so can be used on a two pin system, or a 1 pin system. As per the information from the Vigil site, it can be used by a STUDENT, or a PRO, or on a TANDEM set of kit. This is a bargain, 3 years of no hassle, at the end of its life you may well get a discount from AAD for a new one. I am happy to answer questions, I have been skydiving for nearly 40 years and am an ADVANCED PARACHUTE RIGGER. No returns, PAYPAL only, tracked and signed for. For more information from the manufacturer, go to https://www.vigil.aero/manuals


    - GB

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