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    So who is left from the early 2000s when DZ moved to this format? Just curious...
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    Hi Robert, Having watched #3 the other nite, I found it interesting how Big Oil likes to do the old Bait & Switch on the issues; 'Hey, look over here.' One I quite liked was where they said something about, 'Methane is not the problem is used to be.' When, before they were denying that it was any problem at all. FRONTLINE is always interesting to watch. Jerry Baumchen
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    Well let's not be sanctimonious about this. Short of helium balloons; everyone here who skydives depends on fossil fuels to do it. Next time you buy that completely necessary jump ticket, give a nod to the oil producers.
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    Opened in the autumn of 2014, Skydive-Athens is the only skydiving center in Greece which operates all year round flying a turbine aircraft to 14000ft (4200m) in only 15 minutes. The nice setup and ambient facilities provides a relaxed but professional environment and invites you to spend many hours and days with us. We like to compare our dropzone with other Europe skydiving center and we can proudly say that we meet and sometimes even exceed the European standard. Here are some highlights for choosing Skydive-Athens for your skydiving experience: -Large and grassy landing area -Turbine aircraft and fast climbing time -Exit altitude 14000ft (4200m) -Good weather and operation all year round -Easy to reach from Athens (highway access) -Two large packing tents (carpet) and packer staff available -Huge variety and brand new student and rental equipment -Onsite FAA Rigger and USPA rated instructors and coaches -Gear, Accessoires and Merchandise shop -Large flat-screen TV for debriefs -Departure viewers and sound system throughout the DZ -Air Conditioned/Heated wooden terrace with open view to landing area -Children’s playground -Creepers, Mockup, free WIFI internet, wide parking area -Bunkhouse accommodation, shower & toilet facilities -Snack-bar for hot and cold refreshments -and more...
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