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    While none (or at least hopefully few) of us would disagree, it was an astonishingly stupid thing for him to say out loud. It is a remarkable propaganda victory for Putin as it plays directly into the Kremlin line that the war was instigated by the US to attack Russia. It is already being played as such on Russian state-controlled media. Graham is a Senator, and as such his words can easily be construed as stating US government policy. This proves that he is either too stupid to understand the consequences of his actions, or he doesn't care, or (like Trump) he sees some advantage to catering to Putin. No matter the reason, he is totally unfit to be in any position of political power.
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    Jumper with madskillz thinks USPA sets the cloud regs. Jumper with incredible knowledge of skydiving points out it's an FAA reg. Mr. Madskillz goes full insult, Some people shouldn't get internet in their mom's basement.
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    Door #4) Cut Russia off from the rest of the world. Finances, resources (raw materials), finished goods, trade, everything. It's in progress. Boeing and Airbus are refusing to sell any more spare parts to Russia. Not unlike all the airplanes the US sold to Iran pre-79, they won't be any good if they break the wrong part with no replacement. There's a story going around that a Georgian replenishment ship refused to fuel a Russian tanker. It's made to sound like it was entirely out of anger at Russia for invading Ukraine, but there's also the simple fact that any payment from the Russian company (in Rubles) would be worthless. Did the captain want to support Ukraine or did he know he wouldn't get paid? In any case, telling the Russians to "row" is pretty cool (if it's true). While no one country or type of embargo will be enough, the cumulative effect of all of the world cutting Russia off is having a serious effect. I can't see Putin lasting more than a month or two like this. I don't know how long Ukraine can hold out, but it's now a 'who gives in first' situation.
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    Door #3) Aid Ukraine indirectly. Support all its allies with money and materiel. Find channels to get that aid into Ukraine. Turn Ukraine into Russia's next Afghanistan.
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    Can Trump possibly go any lower? On Fox (Faux) News: [email protected]: "Do you expect China to invade Taiwan sooner rather than later?" President Donald Trump: "I do because they're seeing how stupid the United States is run. They're seeing that our leaders are incompetent. Of course they're going to do it. This is their time." Actually it's a rhetorical question. There is no bottom to how low Trump is willing to go for his own benefit.
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    The primary source of water in the oil is combustion. You should know this. HC (hydrocarbons - gas) + O2 = CO2 & H2O. If the motor is run to full temp, the water gets boiled out of the oil and it's fine. Lots of short trips, especially in colder weather, put a fair amount of water into the oil. Ever pulled the dipstick or the fill cap and seen 'chocolate mousse'? That's the condensation build up (or a major problem like a blown head gasket, but that has other, really obvious symptoms). Running the car for at least 30 minutes (and driving it, not just letting it sit and idle) will get it up to temp and take care of the water. That's why people who store cars over the winter shouldn't start the car up until they are ready to take it out on the road. Some folks think it should be started every couple of weeks and idled for a few minutes. That does more harm than good. I've got a couple cars and a motorcycle. The newer car runs synthetic oil. Published 10k mile interval. Since that car only sees about 5k miles per year, it gets changed every other year. The other cars run conventional oil (dino or dinosaur oil). They generally get the oil changed in the fall, right before they get put away for winter. Same with the motorcycle. They may or may not see enough miles to reach 'change interval, but that's ok. The oil (and filter) build up a decent amount of acids and other 'bad things' that I don't like to leave in the motor while it sits over winter.
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    WSJ: Lindsey Graham Calls for Russians to Assassinate Putin I can't say I disagree.
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    Unfortunately some people learn history from John Wayne movies instead of from history books. The Greek resistance in 1941 delayed Barbarossa by 5 weeks - enough to prevent the Wehrmacht from reaching Moscow before the onset of the Russian winter and no doubt changing the outcome of the war. But you don't hear the Greeks crowing about how they saved the world.
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    Chamberlain gets an unfair bad rap for 1938. (a) the UK was no more obliged to defend Czechoslovakia than the USA was. There was no defense treaty (unlike with Poland in 1939). France, however, did have a treaty with Czech (since 1925). (b) the Luftwaffe would have annihilated the RAF in 1938. It was well equipped with Bf109 fighters and He111s, etc. following the Spanish Civil War. At the time of Munich the RAF had only a single Spitfire squadron (#19) in service. The Hurricane had only just entered service, and the RAF was still largely reliant on Gloster Gladiator biplanes which were way outclassed by the Bf109.
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    Hi Will, See Post #361 and Post #364. There is a window of opportunity that should not be squandered. Jerry Baumchen PS) I will not say that Russia is a paper-tiger; however, I wonder if they are as mighty as some think. With the breakup of the USSR, we learned ( based upon what I read back then ) that they did not have as many ICBM's as we thought they had and many of those ICBM's were in terrible condition from a maintenance/ 'ready to go' position. The other day, I read that Russia has only one aircraft carrier & it is in such poor condition that it now in port as not being sea-worthy.
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    It's like reading America First Committee statements. Been busy the past few days and couldn't agree more. I take the stand of being one of the interventionists. For me; this is no different than our being late to WWII and how many lives could we have saved, not to mention having changed the course of history. One cannot passively support this war. It's time for active support. We're late. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~George Santayana Extra Credit: https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/the-united-states-isolation-intervention
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