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    Brent using the phrase ’statistically significant’ is basically a flashing light for a comedy post at this point.
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    In his defense....did I just really type that......the equal rise is supposed to happen in 30 years. Don't know his exact age, but not unlikely he is still around....
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    One of my favorite authors as well.
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    For sure Bear Spray isn't sufficient at an insurrection. I'll provide the cite after the 1/6 report comes out.
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    Well, are we certain that Jesus didn't prefer the pronouns "we/us/ours?" (after all, he/she/they are a trinity, isn't he/aren't they?)
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    yeah, i wonder why folks applaud at the end of the anthem also, but that is more because i used to be surprised that everyone acts like the flag code doesn't exist and that you're not supposed to applaud afterwards, but you're also not supposed to use the flag as a bikini, so... on a side note, i loved the part where emenim took a knee. that was worth stopping my book and unmuting the tv when the s.o. wanted to watch halftime. i love pepsi, and this just made it all the better, even though it can take months to go through a six pack.
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    And once again you hold up the Fox News caricature of CRT and use that as evidence that CRT is comparable to the Klan. America was built around slavery Racist practices were built into the laws of the nation until ridiculously recently. The affects of those laws with respect to the ability of affected communities to build generational wealth are still highly evident today. Understanding that history might help kids put the things they observe into a better context. Contrary to what Tucker tells you, the point isn’t to make white people feel bad about themselves or place blame for the current situation, just add some context. Oh, the horrors that poor little Ethan might have to drive by the ghetto and do more than wonder why those people can’t just pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
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    Not what I’m saying at all. Firearm fatalities are a problem. Vehicle fatalities are a problem. We must balance freedom and cost. This is the basis of the 2 sides of the argument. One side says the freedom is not worth the cost and other side says it is. One side says 42,000+ fatalities in a year is worth it for the standard of living cheap privately owned vehicles provide. Is the freedom to own and fly an airplane worth even one child’s life? Freedom of speech comes at a cost. People are slow to say hateful, hurtful, and even untrue things. This is the price of the freedom of speech. Is allowing hateful, hurtful untrue speech worth everyone having the freedom of speech? Or do we remove that freedom to stop the speech we don’t like? Derek V
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    I want to take a big roll of foil on a cross-country with me. Or would that get me shot down? it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
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