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    Yes, as in Ivermectin, Remdesivir, Listerine, and Clorox.
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    bmac, thanks for the vimeo = very clear. meteora, thanks, I haven't watched the viddy yet, but I'm guessing it's the one where the guy is a proponent of swinging his lower torso and legs to untwist. Might be a good solution if one can't reach the risers for some reason. Cheers Craig
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    Rest in peace, Cathy. https://griceconnect.com/2021/12/the-jumping-place-skydive-center-pilot-killed-in-plane-crash/
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    You just have not read the bloody accident report that initiated that rule. I read USPA Accident Reports religiously for 30 years. After that AR started to blur together. Ho! Hum! Another low turn. Yawn! But I had to be very careful to not simply quote old rules to young skydivers, because they jsut perceived me as a boring old fart who did not free fly. Unfortunately, young skydivers also lacked the patience to listen to the long version of the accident report.
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    Judging by the 10 to 20 trucks parked on every on/off ramp along I40, I believe you. They were stacked butts to nuts at one rest area in Texas (which, btw, has some of the nicest rest areas in the US). But it's okay to bother folks in RVs. Gotcha. I get your point completely, but truckers who do this kind of thing make all of you look like jerks as far as I'm concerned. You aren't doing professional drivers like yourself any favors by defending those who lack common courtesy. I was a skydiver but I am also a raging bitch. Doesn't mean all skydivers are raging bitches... but anyone who knows no other skydivers might think so.
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    A lesson the husband learned veerrrry early in the relationship....
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    ....and did you hear what happened to Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend in Trinidad?!?!?!?!
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    Aside from anything else, you cannot compare the two. There are very specific reasons why HIV is extremely hard to create a vaccine for. Covid is (comparatively) easy.
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    Very sad. BSBD Cathy.
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    Oh it is a gotcha....you say you didn't finish High School, clearly implying something, but you then get to say you do have a Phd in something else and you get to be all smug and stuff. I am sure the people at the cocktail parties are mightily impressed and utter lots of oohs and ahhhs.
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    Oh please. There's a difference between ignorance & deliberate misinterpretation of data. Here's one example: https://www.factcheck.org/2021/11/scicheck-why-its-easy-to-misinterpret-numbers-of-deaths-among-the-vaccinated/ In the Gibraltar example, they have a highly vaxxed population. Almost complete. But the vax isn't 100% effective, so there are still cases. So, as Billvon has pointed out on a couple occasions, more of the cases will be among the vaxxed, just because of the numbers. To paraphrase what I remember Bill writing, if 99% are vaxxed, but half the cases are from the vaxxed, it means the vax is highly effective. It doesn't mean the idiots and deniers won't hop on the 'half the cases are vaxxed!!!! The vax DOESN'T WORK!!!' bandwagon. You have to dig a bit deeper, comparing rates among vaxxed & unvaxxed to get real, usable data. As a couple examples, Minnesota has found that the death rates for vaxxed under 65 is 0.0/100k. Zero. That doesn't mean there aren't any deaths, it means the number rounds down to zero at the first past the decimal. That would mean less than 0.05/100k, or something like less than 1 in 2 million. Washington state is no longer reporting the death rates for vaxxed under 65 because it's essentially zero.
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    yeah, it's hard to accept a risk until it's quantified. even if someone says you may die skydiving, is that all that is needed to convey the risk? i doubt it. even if you've been jumping for decades and you know that you can die, does that properly convey the risks? again, i doubt it. as long as everyone has a safety mentality and talks to one another, it is mostly ok. they say that the safety rules are written in blood, but some of them are more of a nuisance rule (in my opinion only), but it is very hard in some cases to tell them apart. i would say that the person is responsible for him(her.whatever)self on every jump, but does that apply in all cases? i know i would never try to hang responsibility for something on anyone other than the jumper, but if the jumper was not as well trained or well informed as they should have been, then who is at fault? it is impossible to know what you don't know until you know it, so i think not. but who is in that case?
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    PD's got a Sabre in the field with 10000+ jumps on it and Atair has a canopy with a couple of 1000 jumps on it proving that the South African ZP lasts just as long if not langer with not difference then the PD. I've seen a Sabre with 1500 jumps that's gone through more owners then I can couny still fly like its new. As long as you don't drag the fabric, explose it to lots of light, and baby the canopy, the odds are the canopy will out last your time in the sport. I want to touch the sky, I want to fly so high ~ Sonique
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    So how long do you think the average, well-treated ZP will last before the porosity of the fabric will make a difference in how the canopy flies? I just bought a very used, but well taken care of, Stiletto with a fairly new line set. It has about 1000 jumps on it (150 or so on the lines), but it seems to fly fine to me. - Dan G
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    Ladies and gentlemen, my H-mod Cobalt 75 (the orange one)has a couple of hundred jumps on it, has been in the water three times (and dried in the sun), and still flies straight. I have never seen a main with lines shrunk five inches in my life. Two or thee inches, yes, but only after real abuse (like I put on a main). As for the original post: That 500 jump Stilleto with new lines will fly very nearly identical to a new one (and will be much easier to pack). Chuck My webpage HERE
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