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    Can I offer you some hand lotion?
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    I would personally like to have it back, but there would have to be a bulletproof way to ensure the deal isn't a financial loser. Pre-orders, maybe?
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    I think the best case would be to create a big archive accessible from a link here. I think that if it's not possible to do that here, it's very likely that someone else will copy the post database and put it up somewhere else, but personally I'd rather see it here.
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    Correct. I should have said first detected in S. Africa. Most likely because you have the only top class medical industry in the whole continent. A EU virologist was talking on BBC to the effect that the new variant isn't more severe in the cases she was aware of. But of course because this variant is so new that may end up being incorrect. Unfortunately your area of the world is going to take a hit for the next six months or so. Take care.
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    Trump didn't actually ban travel from China. He banned Chinese nationals. Not Americans. Not Europeans. Not white people. He put no restrictions on travel from Europe, where 'Covid was booming'. He put no protocols in place for those travelling from places where "Covid was booming" (neither China nor Italy). No testing, no quarantining, no nothing.
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    I'm not going to say much about my best friend in '99 and '00 but boy oh boy did we spend some time together. And we got into SO much trouble. They hated the two of us hanging out together because we were ALWAYS up to no good. Shit, I remember that one time..... shoot, there are too many stories to tell and most I cant say on here. He was CRASH, great at his job, always loved jumping and packing and rigging. I never understood how he could like rigging, he had no patience for people, sometimes, but when it came to your life, the gear was important to him! I could go on and on and on but, he really was my best friend for 2 years and when I heard the news, it was just like yesterday, we were going to NY for my 1st swooping competition, he said 'Clint, You can beat all these guys, you taught me and I can beat all these guys so it's a sure win for ya" I knew he was lying but it felt great to hear. Fly free my friend, say hello to my other buddy that is sitting beside you laughing your asses off at us living folk who are still trying to get it right! Please watch over me, I need the help! Clint MacBeth Skydive Moab 435 259 JUMP M.O.A.B. Mother Of All Boogies Sept 19 - 23, 2012
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    I remember how we used to call Johnny "stopwatch Johnny". I believe David Howard started his nickname because you could start packing your rig the same time as Johnny, turn your head to lay the main down on the floor, look back and Johnny was already closing his container! It was like he had stopped time with a stopwatch. He'd pass by carrying his packed rig with a smile on his face and say, "I clicked the stopwatch!" Ashley Martin "Corazon" Rodriguez PMS #462
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