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    You still don't get it, do you? If someone asks you to call them by a different name, gender, species or whatever, then it's simple fucking decency to do it, because doing it doesn't change your life in ANY way whatsoever. If a guy called Jake comes up to you and says 'hey dude, I'd like you to call me Sally from now on' and you say 'no, I'M going to decide what to call you', can't you see how that would make you a complete asshole? It's nothing to do with delusion, and everything to do with you not getting to decide something like this for other people that doesn't affect you and isn't your responsibility.
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    Nor is simple decency, apparently.
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    Yep. This has been going on forever. In the 1900's, it was that no self-respecting white person would call a black man "sir." The rhetoric behind that would have been "You see, you unenlightened commoner, the term 'sir' comes from 'Sire,' which is used to indicate a position of authority or royalty. And if you think a black man can be royalty, why, I am reminded of Arthur Askey the parish comedian!" Or in the 1960's: "Miss Gloria Steinhem is apparently mentally ill, and cannot remember if she is married or not. I will not call women 'Ms' because I refuse to participate in their mental illness. I will call them 'Mrs' or 'Miss' as appropriate for sane people."
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    Just add him to your ignore list. It does wonders to increase the general intelligence of what you read here.
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    Cute. Cause that's not what you set out to do.
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    I'll bet an XX Male will make your head explode. Not everything is boolean.
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    I disagree. Any planned Skydives done for money at a Dropzone are indisputably a part of the sport. Be they hop and pops from 4K or free falls from 10K to 41K makes no difference. Each requires proper preparation by the business and the purchase of a ticket by the customer. They were selling slots to skydive, plain and simple. And until they had developed systems and a safety plan proven out by repetitive test flights or flying many loads of reasonably experienced up jumpers they should have not, in my opinion, been offering student jumps.
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    Fine. But remember that polite company might not accept your evaluation. Kind of like calling (expression here) a spade a spade. Unless you’re holding a shovel and a spade in your hands, then it’s really not OK any more. No matter what Paula Deen used to say when she was a kid, or how you learned “eeny meeny miny moe” Wendy P.
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    That's not an unreasonable request, but since no one is going to die if they believe his nonsense, I think the issue is less pressing. And it's not like anyone here is unaware of his level of accuracy.
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    The cure for trolls is ignoring them. Nothing else is effective.
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    The point isnt that the passenger was ok. The point is that the passenger was really fucking close to dying a really fucking horrible death - even more horrible than your everyday average tandem fatality. They paid a tremendous amount of money to have someone keep them safe and alive while they got their super duper extreme adventure and claim to being "the first". It's Disneyland not Death Valley! But, hey at least they were the first tandem passenger to pass out at 41k and not get to jump... If it's okay to take whuffos to extreme altitudes if they are informed of the risks, then why have rules like no turns over 90 on final for tandems? Passenger signed a waiver, they want the adventure, they should be given what they want regardless of the risk to them, the sport, the dz... Nobody gonna sue. They were informed, they signed a waiver. <eyeroll> This. This. This. This.
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    He did delete it,, I agree with Parrot.. it sounds like McCoy. The interview with Darren is full of clues. Dan is clever, he probed Darren's mind with questions before committing to a narrative. Dan brought up Cooper having a disguise (like McCoy) but Darren shut it down so he didn't pursue it. The other clue was the positioning of the fuel trucks, McCoy gave specific instructions for the fuel trucks. The only suspect that we know did that,,, or do we... McCoy was not Cooper but it is always interesting to hear the argument.
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    You don't say. I am shocked that macro economics cannot be contained within 140 characters. Next you'll tell me you can't just simply say that Biden printing money caused gas prices to go up.
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    I don't think it's that simple. I know for a fact that a lot of people looked at that 1200 bucks and their surplus unemployment payments like lottery winnings and just blew it on pointless crap like skydiving. Our staff received a lot of $50 and $100 tips from people on the dole who weren't burdened with a rent payment owing to the eviction ban. Nor were they particularly burdened with what happens when the music stops. I am not saying that in all situations injecting capital into the system will fail to achieve positive results. I am saying that after watching this year I'm of the mind that just handing out support in the form of chunks of cash and hoping for responsibility may not be the best solution.
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    OK. How about XYY, XXYY, XYYY, but wait, what about XYYYY? What about the brain's effect on gender? I know, what about women born with higher levels of testosterone? etc. etc. Like I said, not everything is boolean. Now, I'm not going to tell you I know everything about it, but I know enough to know that I can't take a hard stand on saying what someone is or isn't. That's between them and their Doctors.
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    Effective communication is the art of using the fewest words possible, not the most.
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    People who say they don't care about anything unless it directly affects them, sure like to post a lot about things they really don't care about.
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    We can always trust Brent to display true knuckle dragging, harry chested thinking.
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    That's not a "theory". That's idiocy. It's as plausible as the claim that it was "Antifa" that was behind the attack. Anyone with 2 eyes and half a brain should understand exactly who was behind the attack. And who participated. I don't care what those sorts of 'articles' claim. They're bullshit.
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    Most likely because he’s likely one of the Icon-bashers. I believe Icons also cause bad breath and erectile disfunction. Wendy P.
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    Like trump, the fracking oil export dream was a scam on the backs of investors. With U.S. shale peaking & having “never made money,” investors lose billions "2020 marks the 15-year anniversary of the U.S. shale boom but now the industry is in trouble. The same report from Deloitte adds that the “reality is that the shale boom peaked without making money for the industry in aggregate. In fact, the US shale industry registered net negative free cash flows of $300 billion, impaired more than $450 billion of invested capital, and saw more than 190 bankruptcies since 2010.” Brent, why is it that everything that trump gets involved with becomes a money losing quagmire ending is bankruptcies all around? Despite billions in federal handouts? Thankfully he lost in 2020 because he was ready to hand out even more cash had he won! Trump's coronavirus handout to oil industry would be dumb, destructive We know the better half is in tight with big pharma. Are you in tight with big oil? Because handouts are in the center of your thinking.
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    Correct, I predicted a recession. You wouldn't acknowledge that prediction because we could not have foreseen COVID. So, since the global energy shortage is largely driven by the collapse in pricing due to the COVID pandemic....
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    Or maybe you’re just shit at stating your position clearly? Your penchant for superfluous elongation of discourse in order to facilitate the association of intelligence in the poster to the reader, provides no more than illusionary and self-delusionary camoflague for the lack of substance in your own posts.
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