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    Our latest episode is out now! DB Cooper’s Jump From the 727 with skydiving expert, pilot, and YouTuber Dan Gryder. Enjoy!
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    Most likely because he’s likely one of the Icon-bashers. I believe Icons also cause bad breath and erectile disfunction. Wendy P.
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    We were a net exporter AND we financed a state sponsor of terrorism to fill our gas tanks. The economy is not as simple as you imagine it to be.
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    Ah yes, Nascar. That's not a huge surprise.
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    The collapse of the water system will happen one day. The delicate ecosystem that is California will reclaim itself. It's just about a matter of time. Weather trends from the past drove native peoples to change how and where they lived. Look at how "modern man" has changed the landscape/waterways to suits our needs. The fires grow more intense every year. IT will happen. When? Some scoff at "Global Warming" because they fail to see "The bigger picture". There are so many variables to consider in what actually drives the weather. It is in fact, global. WE are having a profound impact, PERIOD. For anyone to deny that is pure folly and a serious lack of knowledge on how things really work.
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    Well, if someone doesn't want to get vaccinated, and wants to cover the cost of antibody testing themselves - I'd have no problem with that.
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    Or maybe you’re just shit at stating your position clearly? Your penchant for superfluous elongation of discourse in order to facilitate the association of intelligence in the poster to the reader, provides no more than illusionary and self-delusionary camoflague for the lack of substance in your own posts.
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    Hi John, IMO anyone that believes anything coming out of Kevin McCarthy's mouth is a fool. Jerry Baumchen
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    The European Skydiving Symposium is the only skydiving-oriented event in Europe that gathers experts, members of the skydiving community, instructors and gear specialists from our industry. It's not a trade-fair, it is a conference with a variety of presentations about safety, incident-analysis, gear specification, innovations… and so much more.The skydiving community gathered in one place, before the season 2022 starts, is the best way to learn new things, revise safety procedures, meet new people or plan some skydiving adventures and boogies together.There is going to be simultaneous translation provided for all presentations (Polish < > English). We are happy to confirm the following speakers: Bill Booth (UPT), Tom Noonan (UPT), Melissa Lowe (USPA), Tom Parker (SunPath), Lesley Gale (Skydive Mag), Rich Medalay (PD), Bartek Ryś, Tomasz Witkowski, Sebastian Dratwa.We are currently working on details of our agenda, you can also submit your topic here.We plan to publish the agenda late November 2021. There are going to be 4 tracks - similar to 2020 edition.The beginning of each day will start with "All-audience" presentations, including keynotes. After lunch we plan to split the audience into "General" end "Pro":Day 1: All Audience track + Tandem Pilots trackDay 2: All Audience track + Instructors trackDay 3: All Audience track + Riggers trackOn Friday evening all 2-days and 3-days ticket owners are invited to the After Party in Aviator Club. For Symposium attendees Airport Hotel Okęcie has a special offer - call the hotel and get your special deal. We kindly inform, that the underground hotel parking is 30 PLN/day.
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