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    Hi Jerry, Trump rarely wins in court. His primary tactic is to delay and delay. That costs the people suing him more money than they can afford and they eventually give up. Fortunately, he's managed to piss off enough people with the resources to keep fighting. He's just going to lose again. And again. And again.
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    As far as I'm concerned you answered your own question. And yes, I am aware that I am answering someone with ten(thousand) times my own experience. Please do not waste any time with disconnecting an RSL during high speed malfunctions. This is true not only for PCIT or Horseshoes, but also for downplanes. To reiterate Jerry's point in slightly different wording (as taught to me during my own FJC): Time flies when the parachute doesn't.
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    Yep. I have lived out of my car, at friends' couches, on a small boat, in a tent... Amazing what you can accomplish when you lose everything and have to start from scratch. You realise that at least you keep your skills, your friends (not all of them), your resilience... You try things you wouldn't normally try. And if/when the same thing happens again you fight HARDER to hang on so you DON'T lose everything all over again. You learn, you grow. Yeah, it gets old fast but if it's what you gotta do, it's what you gotta do.
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    My condolences to friends and family members who are suffering due to his death. Robert Chromy is a Herman Cain Award winner. https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/pgszii/this_guy_must_have_posted_every_piece_of/ Robert was anti-vax and extremely proud of it. That didn’t work out well for him. We hope that his death will get people to re-evaluate their life choices and get vaccinated.
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    "Nomadland" I am currently reading Jessica Bruder's book "Nomadland." I also saw the documentary by the same name a few months back. They detail the lives of a new class of Americans who live in tents, vans, truck campers, converted buses and even Winnebagos as they move from one seasonal job to the next. Many were middle-class until they were bankrupted by divorce, closing factories, etc. How many dz.commers have lived and worked out of a van parked beside a DZ?
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    Living in a van gets very old after awhile. But it does save on money. It's a trade-off. I would not spend $24k on a van. Go to a different bank that will offer a loan on an older model.
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