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    My people (military intel types) made a mistake. Then this military leadership owned it when it was discovered and this administration is trying to make amends. When US forces were targeted in this and other countries over the previous four years, what was the plan? Oh yeah: "bomb the shit out of them." There was a lot of criticism for the administration "allowing" the attack on the airport checkpoint, and quite a lot of insistence that it not happen again during the evacuation. Information was gathered, and we made a bad call over the interpretation of it. How much criticism would be flowing had no action been taken and another attack had happened? Hindsight is 20/20. We recognize it was a bad interpretation of the available information. But we admit it and try to recover.
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    Public debate is good for science.
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    Didn't you start this with a complaint about people from Haiti being deported by the Biden administration? Do you think you can state your name without fucking it up?
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    Do you have a source for this, or is it just something you feel in your belly?
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    Bravo. That is something you will never, ever hear from the person arguing with you.
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    Hi kmzamani, As Deimian said, it is usually #5 cord nylon thread. For smaller quantities, try here: Small Quantity Military and Sport Parachute Hardware – Fort Smith, Arkansas – D.J. Associates. (dj-associates.com) Jerry Baumchen
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    I believe most webbing work is sewed with size 5 and 6 nylon cord.
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    There is NOT a double RSL in this video. The reserve deployed THRU two risers (two risers from the same same side of the rig). .
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    That’s way too many words for me to read Bill, could you just give us a quick summary?
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    Why that's nothing. I just found out that 90% of the people who got the polio vaccine in 1955 are DEAD! 90%! DEAD! The COVID vaccine is way safer than that - and people get the polio vaccine without a second thought.
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    A pretty clear indication that most of the population is sick of the R bullshit. Newsome himself is not all that popular but few were willing to risk seeing a Trumpist in charge. I know that CA is different from the rest of the USA, but not that different. This bodes well for putting some of the worst excesses to rest. If there is one thing that can make a political party change it is losing its chance to gain power.
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    just keep on flying it. It does take a lot of skydives to get used to new suit. Think of it this way; the ATC is flying or wants to be flown in a certain way as the designers/testpilots favor. Eventually you will get it
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