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    Hi folks, Another medical person loses his income: Oregon Medical Board revokes license of doctor who bucked COVID guidelines, spread misinformation - oregonlive.com When will they ever learn? Peter, Paul and Mary - Where Have All the Flowers Gone (25th Anniversary Concert) - YouTube Jerry Baumchen
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    Pretty much the same reason pneumatic tires replaced iron wheels?
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    In other words, Biden ended the Trump recession. Good for him.
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    I was wondering why you didn't just respond ot the original post this refers back to, so I thought I would dig it up: On January 6th, Kallend said: "That's because under Trump the economy has gone into the worst recession in 90 years." To which you responded: "9% GDP growth in the fourth quarter, 6.7% unemployment rate (it was 2.2% and 7.7% respectively after Obama’s first term.) I don’t think you know what a recession is." You further stated: "I just pointed out that the US is not in a recession, certainly not the worst in 90 years" In your article you posted as proof of you supposedly being right it says the US was in a recession that was one of the deepest in US history. Here is the post for you: As usual you posted evidence of you being wrong while claiming to be right. I asked before, do you think you could state your name without fucking it up?
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    Sure, but it can’t be for claiming they’ve done something they haven’t done, as in the post above where you are flat out lying about the contents of an article you linked as evidence of your claims. No, it’s because you’re a dishonest and intellectually bankrupt troll, but nice try.
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