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    If Lindsay Graham wants to go to Afghanistan, then I'm all for it; And hopefully he stays there.
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    To me, an entanglement is like a pilot chute in tow. There is no perfect answer; people have died who didn’t cut away, and people have died who did. If there isn’t a good way to fix it, then you have to invest extra effort in preventing it. Wendy P.
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    Over the last 18 years of flying, I've posted various educational coaching material available online on flying technique in form of writing and videos. During the lockdown period in 2020, I finally took the effort to collect and rewrite all of that in a cohesive and structured book, called 'the flight manual' For those interested in getting into wingsuit flying, I figured it would be an interesting resource, and for those already flying there should be a lot of interesting information on performance, acrobatics and gear that might be of assistance in your progression. The book www.flylikebrick.com/book/ Reviews www.facebook.com/mccordia/reviews/
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    At least they are all well armed now. No old Lee–Enfields for this crop of jihadists. The Taliban grunts have tribes, Mullahs and mixed loyalties to everyone else. Oh and lots of weapons.
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