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    I must be weird... I LOVE a good dick pic!! It's a vulnerable "look at my fertility" nod to a primitive attraction!!! I take it as a bold, hopeful step that men wish would lead to an exchange of naughty pictures from my end! It's possibly the highest compliment and/or show of trust (in my twisted mind)! We forget that we are all just animals trying to procreate!! I mean... SOMETIMES (actually, almost always! Haha!) it's just plain inappropriate... But that's precisely the point!!! It's naughty and sexy and can we PLEASE stop shaming men for doing it??! Now... That is NOT an open invitation to all send me your penises... I'm sure somewhere in my archives I still have your dick pic thread!! Just wanted to put it out there as a Friday food-for-thought. Some of us LOVE your dicks and treat them with care and respect and I know I speak only for myself but a pair of testicles never scared me either (because I have teeth - ah ha ha ha ha!!!) Take care and happy naughty Friday
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    Suicide by religion gets no sympathy from me. No sadness here. I just hope his attempts at influencing others fail miserably.
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    Are you ever not completely stoned?
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    The room was silent. “This is the God’s truth,” Biden had said as he told the story. “My word as a Biden.” Except almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect{edit; a lie.} Based on interviews with more than a dozen U.S. troops, their commanders and Biden campaign officials, it appears as though the former vice president has jumbled elements of at least three actual events into one story of bravery, compassion and regret that never happened. Washington Compost.
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    While it might seem like a personal attack to some, it is not. Just ones ideas. My olive branch.
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    I feel you bro,from an armed forces perspective.Our foundational motivation has always been to stand for the good, liberty freedom and basic human rights. To have that crushed. It is an evil prevailing "overnight", and unfortunately, history repeating itself.Nam comes to mind. Cambodia and the killing fields.This is our reality now, an unfortunate similarity to that of the protesters and supporters, so long ago. I thought about the withdrawal and relative peace over the recent years.Should we have stayed? Then the most tragic day on our part,since 2015. We've given much too long. To all who gave to benevolent causes, you are a Hero, rarely do I use that word, but there it is.Hero;a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. While you were being bludgeoned,LOL A thought for you... "Put up with being laughed at on occasion; look around you, and give yourself a good shaking to find out who you really are."
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    Prototype ready and assembled. I tested it today riding a bicycle in cloudy weather and it was readable. In bright sunlight this OLED is too weak on its own, but it could be improved by putting some tinted tape on the back of the frame, or in worst case a piece of duct tape. Will be testing it this Saturday, hopefully, it will be able to catch up with readings. GPS module is rated up to 5 Hz (similar to FlySight) so if anything, the bottlenecks would be in the code. I'm wrapping up the documentation & source code, will post it after field tests
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    Yes, I'm perfectly are of that problem. I'm trying to overcome it by combining screen big enough so that even blurry text/numbers at close distance are readable, and putting it as far as possible for the best results. So far sticking OLED to the visor on the outside seem to be good enough. That's why it has to be transparent - big screen obscures more view. Also it's placed not directly in front of an eye, but at the bottom and to the side - again to get more distance and obscure less view. LilyGo TTV has arrived about a week ago and actually I'm quite impressed with what they've managed to squeeze in such a small package - it even has WiFi! And plenty of power in the processor, so with time the functionality could be extended. I've hooked up the GPS and it works, now I'm sorting out few technical challenges * Extend wiring so that unit could be hidden in one of audible pockets * Test with different batteries. The stock one is too small, it lasted for just about 1-2 hours working only as a display. For that I had to hook up GPS module to external battery with higher voltage * There's 5-10 seconds delay in GPS readings - displayed speed lags behind actual speed. Likely some bug in the code. Same GPS module on Arduino had better reaction time In few days I'll post an update with link to GitHub for anyone interested
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