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    What you are doing here is an old tactic called "making perfect the enemy of the good". You can raise an almost infinite series of "what if" stories to justify never ever approving any drug, vaccine, or whatever. Is a side effect that impacts literally one in a million people worse than a disease that has killed a minimum of 4 or 5 million in a little over one year, and destroyed the long-term health of several times that number? For a long time after drugs are approved they continue to be monitored for those infrequent side effects, so that treatments can be developed or people likely to experience the side effect can be identified and excluded from taking the drug. If your standard is that not one person, ever, has an adverse reaction then that is the end, no-one will ever develop a new method to treat or prevent any disease. Don
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    And at the end of the day, considering all these facts, it's stupid and irresponsible to not get the vaccine.
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    I wonder if you have ever jumped a new exit?
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    Hi John, Re: Delta isn't lowering their pay And, one more way to get into their money: Oregon says people fired for refusing vaccines generally can’t collect jobless benefits - oregonlive.com 'Ya pays ya money and ya takes ya chances.' Jerry Baumchen
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    All I see here is incoherent rambling.
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    Today, BBC broadcast video or brawls in the Parliaments of Armenia, Taiwan, Turkey and Ukraine. In other news, a Maori member of the New Zealand Parliament was escorted out after performing a haka (war dance) during a rousing debate. Thankfully, North American politics are comparatively boring.
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    Part of the fun at the dz is hanging around with friends and shooting the breeze; when you’re a student, watching landings and watching packing also contribute. If only the skydive part is fun, there may not be enough return for you. Wendy P.
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    sounds like you're trying to make skydiving fit your preconceived notion of fun, or whatever it is you're adjusting to. 43 seconds of freefall can equal to a day playing golf, or shooting hoops. it is the act of immersing yourself in the present with no room for error that is zen for me. i call it church. being at one with the universe. perceptions can differ greatly.
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    Invitation to those who think Trump would have done it better: Given that Trump's "deal" with the Taliban would have withdrawn US troops sooner (May 2021), given that Trump had negotiated the release of several thousand Taliban fighters already, given that the US had been training the Afghan so-called "Army" for nearly 20 years, given that the US had propped up a puppet government riddled with incompetence and corruption for years, and given that the same US generals would have been in charge on the ground: How exactly would Trump have overseen a better outcome?
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    Earplugs unless you want tinnitus.....spoken from a sufferer...
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    I once thought the Skyvan was loud. Then I jumped the Eloy C-123BK. Radial engines AND first generation jet engines. You couldn't talk to someone six inches away from you.
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    Perhaps he has forgotten that trump negotiated the release of over 5000 Taliban fighters from Afghan prisons. "The release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners, which the United States agreed to in a February deal with the insurgents that also began the phased withdrawal of American troops, faced opposition from the Afghan government, which is holding the prisoners. After prolonged pressure from the Trump administration, Mr. Ghani released 4,600 prisoners from a list provided by the Taliban but called for consultations over 400, who he said were accused or convicted of major crimes, including murder, that were beyond his authority to pardon." Which would represent about eight percent of their current fighting forces. The release was specifically negotiated by trump over the objections of the ruling government. Perhaps he has forgotten about the trump-Taliban peace deal because it was removed from the RNC website only four days ago. The rest of the world certainly knows that. So making deals to release documented convicted terrorists is ok. Cutting the legs off of the elected government is ok as long as trump and the GOP do the negotiating? Trump's Deal To End War In Afghanistan Leaves Biden With 'A Terrible Situation' March 4, 2021
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    A quarter million Afghans have died of war during the period you are calling 20 years of peace.
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    GWB wrecked three. Blaming Biden for the Afghan fiasco is like blaming the guy with the shovel for the mess made by the circus parade.
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    So America if the GOP had its way.
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