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    ZLX is just Aerodyne's marketing name for Vectran. They are Vectran lines.
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    Gotta love it when the rodents start eating each other.
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    Strictly speaking, he's right. Actually, strictly speaking, there is no skydiving canopy that has a Schumann planform. The "original" (for lack of a better word) Schumann planform is a planform for gliders, with very high ellipticity on the leading edge (towards the wingtips), and a straight trailing edge. Gliders have wings that have a much longer span than any skydiving canopy, so no skydiving canopy can have a Schumann planform, if we are strict with the terms. But if we abuse the term and apply to "high ellipticity on the leading edge and straight trailing edge", I think it is not bad if we abuse it a bit more and apply it to "high ellipticity on the leading edge and straight-ish (as compared with the leading edge) trailing edge". And that applies to all the canopies I listed, if I am not mistaken.
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    It would be pretty rare for someone who does not already have an answer to that question to actually need a turn rig! Most people in your position end up having two rigs, one that they never use. Unless you are a very active instructor.
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    There are countries where gear older than 20 years has to be retired. The US isn't one of them, but it should be inspected, and the conditions under which it was stored considered. I've jumped gear that was more than 20 years old repeatedly; plenty of people do. But email or call a local rigger, and set up a time for an inspection and a discussion. Then it can be put up for sale with the words "Closet queen" (that's what that really means -- a rig that's been stored for a long time, and has less use than its age might suggest). Wendy P.
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    I see a few reasons: - Schumann planform canopies tend to have more lift than traditional elliptical canopies, and they tend to hold longer in rears. I believe that is one of the reasons why paragliding canopies have been using this planform for a long time. - They tend to open better. At least I haven't seen any Schumann canopy that does not open nicely and on heading most of the time (X-Fire, all the Fluid Wing canopies, Valkyrie, Petra, Leia, Odyssey EVO). Maybe it is just coincidence, but seems like a big coincidence to me. - They tend to be more responsive on harness. - Connected to previous point: All the advanced cross-braced canopies are Schumann nowadays. I think an entry level cross-braced Schumann canopy would make the transition into the advanced ones a bit more natural Asking the other way around: why not? I think the only reason not to do it is that it requires a bigger investment in R&D than a smaller update of an existing canopy. But since we have high end crossbraced canopies and advanced 9 cell regular canopies using Schumann planform, I see no reason to don't think it is a good idea. Entry-level crossbraced canopies are right in between these 2 categories.
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    Aerodyne said the line trim were off by a lot. The rigger who done the reline said he did everything by the manufacture's marking. At end, I spend my own money to change line set again to HMAn.
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