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    Agreed, the vector issue is different in a subtle way. And in these cases, the devil is in the details. As far as the Icon stuff going on here, with three newly-made accounts all offering unsubstantiated photo's/videos of icons not properly working, I'm smelling either a hidden agenda or a big pile of bullshit. Cough up the details, or get the f* out.
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    Critical race theory is a way of looking at history. Because history has many points of view; not only that of the “victor.” It applies a lens of disparate treatment based on race to social and governmental structures, to see if it’s valid or made a difference. Like any cool new hammer, some people see it as the lens, rather than one of many. Using a hammer to remove a window is generally less than optimal, but that doesn’t make the hammer useless. We’re used to the lens of US history and civics as interpreted and written by (generally) white and (generally) male authorities, because that human description was synonymous with professional and scholarly authority; certainly in the US, and very possibly throughout the western world. Why not try different lenses? Ever wonder how history (you know, the one and only history) is taught in other countries? Maybe they don’t all have exactly the same viewpoint. Wendy P.
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    I have too. And if you have been watching DZ.com very much, you have also seen posts that are merely advertising a wonderful new business opportunity, or explaining how an incident was all the fault of a greedy, evil DZO disappear. One might conclude that they were deleted for being against the rules here at DZ.com - or one might conclude that the moderation staff is on the payroll of said evil DZO. (And yes, such accusations have been made.) Which side you gravitate towards is up to you. There is of course a tendency toward homophily - the desire to support anything that is similar to your appearance/beliefs/understanding. That results in a somewhat common message. There is also the desire to suggest to the person screaming "FIRE!" in a crowded theater that perhaps they should wait until after the movie to express their First Amendment protected opinion. But even beyond those two things, given that I have seen all the posts you have claimed have been censored - again, there might be something awry with your logic. See an example below.
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    @carrier louis paul What was that piece of metal that flew off to the side when RPC launced?
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    That’s fair enough. Just think you’d get plenty of time to do all that from 3 grand, particularly if you got yourself nicely in position over the DZ before chopping. Still, not for us to second guess when we weren’t there. The decision you make for yourself is usually absolutely the right one.
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    Your side and group are essentially domestic terrorists. You aren’t interested in democracy and have given up all pretence of it. Allah Akba can be your rallying cry, and maybe the taliban can help co ordinate your terror movement
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    I do. Same as you do. SHTF is always right around the corner. When every last thing you believe is crumbling around you it's time for reflection. Go ahead and cherry pick out abortion, in spite of settled science, and also cherry pick out immigration, in spite of the proven economic benefits and what you have left with us is a bunch of people who just want better for their fellow man. Not because of Jesus but simply because it's the right way to live. We don't need a moral leader because we have a moral compass that shows us the path. That's who Liberals are, Ron. We aren't a pejorative term, we're human beings who want better for each other. All you need to do is take a step back and you will see that truth.
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    So the guy wearing the fur and horn viking hat eats only organic? Wait until he finds out how many TV channels there are.
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    More evidence of a total lack of critical thinking skills.
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    This post is fucking disgraceful.
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    So tell me Ron. Back when you were serving your country, did you ever imagine that one day you would be supporting domestic terrorists trying to take over the US capital, because they were mad they lost an election?
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