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    that's an awful lot of words to use to say "no".
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    #1 - As Wendy asked, what size is the reserve? That's probably the most important question. Will you be able to safely land that reserve in a small area, under 'less than optimal' conditions? The main probably isn't too terrible of a canopy for you. The old advice of 'it's too small for you, but if you just be careful you'll be ok' was truly horrible but lots of people survived it. They simply didn't encounter a situation that required more skill than they had. Those that did encounter that sort of situation often got hurt. Or killed. In your case, it's a bit small. But it's a fairly forgiving planform. It's not like you're jumping a Diablo at 1.5:1 or an Apache at 1.5 at less than a hundred jumps (I know people that have done that, successfully). Look at Billvon's "Downsizing Checklist" article (on here in 'safety' I think). Can you do the things on it? How are your landings under what you are jumping now? What are you jumping now? What do the folks that run your DZ think of this idea? (Hint: If they are saying not to and you're coming here to get approval, don't) I don't need the answers to these questions. But you do.
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    just because you buy it at that price doesn't mean you have to jump it immediately. you could even get another canopy and put inside if you need to. you didn't mention what you're jumping now so we have an idea of how far down you will be going in this move. that also make a difference, as going to a 170 from a 190 is much better than from a 240. but after considering this, wendy is right. what i would do in your case is get it and put a 190 in it, but i don't know you so ask someone who does first. just another option to consider.
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    That sounds like a good deal, but the question about the wing loading is better for your instructors and coaches where you jump. They may recommend renting a few more times at an intermediate size so that it’s a graceful downsize. The reserve has to be at least the same size as the main, too, for it to be a good deal. There was a time when people would get smaller reserves (even something like a 135 with a 170), but you really don’t want to downsize on your first reserve ride. There’s a reason people don’t choose rigs like that any more. In the longer run, that’s a good wing loading to aim for for many newer jumpers. Not all, though, which is why you want to talk to your instructors. Wendy P.
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    I could never understand why making a truck engine run poorly and waste fuel is appealing to some men. I like my engines to be in tune and efficient.
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    Great stuff, I never heard about the bodies found during the search before - were they ever identified?
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    I love dropping this here in case people would like to fabricate them
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    It's a nice saying but reality is more complicated than that. "If you find a job you love, that doesn't pay enough income, you'll work your ass off until you don't love it like you used to. But if you find a job you love that pays enough income, you'll never work again." That might be more complete. It's up to you to determine what "enough income" means.
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