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    The "Trump Train" idiots who harrassed the Biden bus are facing a civil lawsuit. Using the laws that were put in place to try to keep the KKK from harassing and intimidating voters. Fitting. Included in the suit is the local sheriff, who failed to respond to calls from the bus. Not terribly surprising is the fact that many named in the suit were also at the insurrection attempt at the Capitol on Jan 6. Nor is it surprising that they were able to identify the fools because they posted about it on social media. https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/24/politics/trump-train-lawsuit-biden-campaign-workers/index.html
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    Comparing the Wings H/C to a Curv is like comparing a Chevy to a Caddy. The Wings is a very hard sell used, the Curv will always be desirable. Well worth the extra time and money.
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    You already are. I'm 110 jumps in, although about 3/4 of those were a decade ago....and getting back into the flow is like starting all over with regards to the fear. On the drive to the DZ I'm looking for excuses to turn around. Walking up to manifest I'm thinking about reasons that I should just hang out and watch. Riding up in the airplane I'm thinking about all of the things that could possibly go wrong. And then I remind myself, I've been well trained, even if I am inexperienced. My gear is in great shape, I've done a thorough gear check, and I had someone else do a secondary pin check. I trust the people that I'm jumping with, that we're all going to do what we've planned. I have backup plans in case something goes awry, and I have backup plans for the backup plans in case they really go awry. Finally, I remind myself what those first 5 seconds are going to feel like, which is why I do what I do. Then when the door opens, I take a deep breath and get ready to exit. And for the next 5 minutes or so, I get to experience something that is incomparable to anything else that I do in my life.
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    During a MARD deployment, just as the bag is lifting off, the MARD device is pulling on both the bag and the more-or-less inverted reserve pilot chute. The bag/canopy has mass, the pilot chute has mass, and both legs of the inverted "V" of the bridle stretch and recoil repeatedly. The masses are different, and the legs are different lengths, so the magnitude and period of the recoil oscillations are different. If the pilot chute leg loads while the bag/canopy leg unloads, the MARD device disconnects. This is the case for all MARDs in common use, except the Infinity MARD.
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    The intersection of the delta variant and FOX's trump crowd will have predictable Darwinistic outcomes.
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    You are a true revisionist in the current republican mode. But try as you might, history is written by the victors and your side is losing.
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    Well, given that the KKK/Nazi march in Charlottesville back in 2017 (put on by those 'very fine people') was really supposed to turn into a US version of 'Kristallnicht', given that Trump used US troops against peaceful protesters, given that Trump incited the insurrection attempt that is the main subject of this thread, given especially that the very few Rs that have spoken out against this have been silenced and ostracized... You should have used the past tense.
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    Okay I get your point there and I agree that is a problem. In service industries where the workers make low wages the logic is obvious. So you might have to pay a little more to get steaked and lubed now. That doesn’t explain the rise in prices for consumer goods though. I think that’s more of a supply side issue in the face of pent up demand that was already there. Manufacturers are not able to ramp up production instantaneously. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2021/06/01/business/coronavirus-global-shortages.amp.html
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    Maybe. But I'll bite. It sounds like the OP had a cutaway, where the RSL functioned as intended. But neglected to pull the reserve handle. He was (correctly) criticized for that and is wondering why. Soooo... You failed to properly execute the emergency procedures. They are written the way they are for a reason. People have died when they failed to properly follow the procedures. If you don't understand why you need to do things correctly every time, get with your head instructor, the S&T A, DZO or the TI/E that you got your rating from. Seriously, this is important.
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    Nothing wrong at all. As long as American society is willing to tolerate a firearm death rate at least 5 times higher than anywhere else. And police who shoot first and ask questions later because everyone is armed. And angry people who lose their temper and shoot. The 2nd Amendment is absolutely the issue. It is an anomaly in the civilized world. It is a gross error. And it is nearly impossible to fix until the carnage gets greater.
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    It is almost as if the point is wilfully being missed. Very few are calling for complete bans. It is nothing more that a right wing talking point, to drum up fear. The liberals are going to take everything away from you, rise! Your current system was described by BIGUN as "winning" for the right wing, implying that they do not want to see anything changed. The current system produces an ungodly amount of mass shootings. Winning, indeed.
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    It'd be hard to say that Keith hasn't given it some serious effort -- he's the one who sent to his congresscritter a thought-out approach that he thought would fly in the more conservative areas -- because anything that is passed has to pass in the more conservative areas. They just do. Wendy P.
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    For a Canadian it is hard to see how mass shooting after mass shooting is 'winning".
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    This is what America's love affair with the tools of war brings. Ordinary people carry guns and then when they get angry the sometimes use them to get even. Road rage is common enough everywhere. The 2nd Amendment allows this stuff to happen all too often. I will never understand why so many Americans embrace gun rights as an essential part of the nation. https://us.cnn.com/2021/06/07/us/california-road-rage-arrests/index.html
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