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    She is a prime example of the imperfections of evolution.
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    I don't live in CA or AZ. It doesn't affect me, so why should I care? So what if the pecan farmers can't grow their crops. Pecans suck anyway. We should all move to eating walnuts. If CA wants more water, there's this giant ocean right off their coast. Plenty of water there for everybody. And who really cares about ski resorts. Skiing sucks. It is cold out when you go. Many people get injured every year. There will still be snow in Canada, if you really must do it. I've never been skiing in my life and don't plan on it in the future. It doesn't affect me, so why should I care? What I can't live without is my car. My lawn mower. A way to get around to my job. All the appliances in my house. If a few people in CA and CO have to change their life slightly so that I don't have to change mine, so be it. It is just weather anyway. I mean really, there wasn't snow in CO when the dinosaurs were around and that was WAY before the industrial revolution. And I'm too lazy to go look up that stat so I will just say it with authority so that you all will believe me.
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    Wingsuits for sure not only have that issue, it's worse. The low pressure zone on top of a wingsuit due to the suit generating lift is substantially greater than the one on top of a belly flier. Main canopies have gotten sucked in back onto the WS back from a nearly deployed state.
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    I only have about 1600 wingsuit jumps. I also have maybe 2000 jumps (mostly RW) on rigs with a main ripcord/spring loaded pilot chute. And I'm having a difficult time imaging ripcord main deployment being a good setup for general wingsuit use. It seems that a spring loaded pilot chute has the potential to increase the possibility of pilot chute/bridle entanglement but I could be wrong, plus a dramatic increase in the potential for the pilot chute just laying on your back after pull. I can however imagine wingsuit body positions to help alleviate those problems but I'm a bit skeptical. Either way, I'm going to stick with a BOC and recommend others do the same. Kleggo: I would like to see some video (if any are available, rearward facing go pro or whatever) of those wingsuit jumps using a ripcord and spring loaded pilot chute. Maybe we can learn something new...
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    I'll second the snatch. If you're going to get a new PC, snatch is probably top of class. Marginally better than F-111. But in my experience, the bridle length plays a more critical factor than PC material or shape, so you'll be fine with anything so long as you have enough bridle for your PC to reach clean air.
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    Squirrel SkySnatch 30" or have a look at the new Aerodyne Extractor which is almost identical to the SkySnatch design. These evolved designs comes with kill-line ready to be mounted and are a lot better than the normal standard ones that comes with a container. But in general size >= 30", 8-9" kill-line, fresh f-111 fabric (beware of f-111 material getting worn very quickly) or rather just go for ZP (superior durability and best choice)
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    Material: F-111 Diameter: 30-inch Bridle length: 9 feet (from pin to pilotchute)
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    I use a standard Mirage bridle and PC that have well over 1000 jumps for both WS and Other, no issues so far.
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    The type matters less than size - which is determined by D-bag/canopy heft. I’m using a Sunpath 33” F-111 w/ 9’ bridle to pull my Epicene 190 out of my Aurora container.
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    Yep. But people still make aircraft heavier for all sorts of reasons, all of which (of course) trace back to $$$. This is going to evolve over time. The first thing that will happen are electric aircraft; there have already been several designs flown, and at least one company planning on going commercial with them. The second thing that will happen is that the turbine will move inside the aircraft, and the fans will be electrically instead of shaft driven. The big advantages here are NOx reduction in the exhaust and greater efficiency via better RPM control. (Note that in current aircraft the APU's are already inside.) After that happens, some designer is going to say "we could increase MTOW by 10,000 lbs if we had 100 kilowatts more power for 30 seconds." And the bean counters will do the math and decide they'll be able to make $150 more an hour by adding a 500 lb battery.
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