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    I meant a metaphorical you. Probably didn't know you had one.
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    When did skydiving become a fundamental right?
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    One of the problems with ID is that older people, who have never needed it, can have a hard time getting it. Because birth certificates aren’t always easy to get (country people born at home, poor and living in a series of places), and getting ID when you haven’t had it in a long time is a lot harder. I used to volunteer with homeless in Houston, and sometimes I’d bring someone to the “recover ID” charity. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t fast. They knew how to do the research — it’s much harder if you’re trying it on your own. As time advances, this’ll probably be less of a problem, simply because we’re generally more regimented. But it’s definitely a problem now, and yes, the political movers and shakers know that it’s poor people who are less likely to have ID, and who are more likely to vote liberal Wendy P.
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    The other key point that developed Western countries need to take into account when attempting to reduce immigration is their propensity to interfere in other countries for political or economic reasons. Either we directly interfere by using troops for dubious reasons or we supply arms, ammunition and/or "advisers" to dubious regimes to support them because they're prepared to sell us needed natural resources. If we stop turning, or helping to turn, other people's countries into shitholes then maybe less of their citizens will feel the need to move from their own homes.
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    The irony of a right winger moaning about different societal groups failing to respect the value of higher education is fucking brilliant.
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    Naw, then we'd just have to outlaw spray paint, and righteous gun totin' women would knit covers for the guns
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