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    Some "players" are trolls and deserve to be described as such.
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    Funny how your response to being accused of sexism is to be more sexist. Does this mean Pence was picked by a white man because he was a white man? Lol, right. Explain to me the achievements of Owens that make her objectively more qualified and prepared for office than Harris. Bonus point if you can learn enough about her to spell her name correctly.
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    Airdvr, "mainstream media" is defined to "other" the media. To keep entirely away from mainstream media means to stick with the fringe sites that say whatever it takes to get attention. Mainstream media is one of the places that regularly has the information to educate oneself about what's going on. Just consider each source when you read between its lilnes. I don't watch evening news or anything like that, but I do read the local paper, and the Sunday NY Times, and listen to a lot of NPR. And anyway, anything important will be in DZ.com... Wendy P.
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    Fully agree. I usually don't get colds but I'm always irritated when people who are sick get in my space. Haven't had that experience in over a year now. I have also come to enjoy the masks. It's always big fun to go into banks wearing one and lovely to not need to smile at assholes. Same with shaking hands. You never know where the damn thing was or which orifice it was picking at before it's offered with a smile. Let's end that, too.
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    I don't think that's going to fly at all (pun not intended) with the civil aviation authorities. The contingency power will probably have to be available ALL the time, what happens if you encounter an emergency situation and your contingency is still recharging?
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    When the pandemic began, public health experts made the (reasonable) assumption that contact was a primary transmission vector i.e. that it was like most other viruses. Turns out it's actually pretty minor in this case, and that aerosol transmission was a much bigger vector - which is unlike other viruses. So it was a good call early on; better to do too much than too little, especially when it's easy to do. Nowadays it's still a good idea, although it is less effective than earlier thought.
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    Brent shows how the problem isn't CNN or Fox or any of the media/entertainment companies providing news. The problem is people's inability to think about what they are reading or watching.
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    Given the regular reports of e-coli, listeria, salmonella, etc., and other pathogens on food, it seems to me a very good idea to treat all groceries as potential sources of disease, Covid or no Covid.
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    I also kind of like the word play. And despite not wishing any harm to President Biden, I would literally per myself laughing if Kamala inherited the Oval Office. A woman at the presidency, of Jamaican and Indian descent, and Californian.... And I love the way she grills people
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    Considering that this is the Biden critic thread and all I am going to have to side with the opposition on this one. There is a certain word play between Harris and heiress and the VP does inherit the position. So although there is a side order of misogyny along with the pun, overall it is fairly clever. So clever in fact that I'm certain our resident troll did not make it up. Now, if Joe Weber had said it I would give him writing credit.
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    You have made this statement several times before. It does you no favors. You'd be wise to read Wendy's words and take them to heart. This media bias chart has been posted here many times. At the top of the chart is a green rectangle that contains the news sources in America judged to be the most accurate and unbiased. Within them are the top three MSM sources. ABC, NBC and ABC.collectively have the widest distribution of broadcasting because their market is mainstream America. Their advertisers expect impartial unbiased news based on facts. The more you get your news from outside that green box the more time you have to factcheck those sources. Anything below the horizontal orange line at 24 should be considered junk.
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    I used a Removable 96 JFX2 slider on my KA107 for about 150 jumps. The RDS for the JFX was bigger than the stock KA slider. I think the openings got worse. Always firm, with some slammers.
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    There it isn't. What did that video show that CNN made up? Having a bias isn't the same as lying. Can tell me what CNN has done over the past year that even remotely compares to Fox's 'Election Fraud' lies? Or does simply doing it not count if you haven't dug up someone on candid camera bragging about doing it?
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    A ) Yes, you will become a test jumper. B ) PD only makes a few sizes of slider across the whole range of canopy sizes and types they produce. So it is not something that is extremely well "tuned" to each product. Good luck.
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    Call PD and ask them. They are going to say no, but, if you ask why, they may give you a hint if it is super dangerous.
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    Don't have direct experience with these, but I'd like to add the slider type ("square" vs "domed") to the conversation. Not all sliders are the same, I would guess that CF3 has a domed slider, not so sure about Katana.
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    me too. it made for a very memorable 5 sec delay SL jump. the joy i felt once i got a canopy overhead was incredible. my area DZs now required 2 tandems before starting IAD. I used to think that was just a money grab (and i still think that is part of it) but I realize it does offer the student good exposure to the whole process that they can't get on their own.
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    Unfortunately both our countries allow for loopholes, through child marriage. A practice I find despicable and one that should be changed immediately. In Canada, children between 16 and 18 can get married with parental consent. In many US states that limit either doesn't exist or is significantly lower, some as low as 13. Texas is trying to pass a bill that would label those parents helping their transgender children as child abusers, but does allow a 14 year young child to get married with parental consent. We really need to stop letting religious dogma dictate legislation.
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    Everybody is afraid of everybody. Two uniformed branches showing clear fear for the other. In a country that prides itself on its level of freedom. When comparing that level of freedom to most other western countries, the only real difference on "freedom" is the restrictions on hate speech and the restrictions on being able to carry your gun everywhere. In return you get that level of fear and violence.
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    That's more in the occasional speeding or overdue parking tickets column. It's just not that big a deal. Um... are you, uhh.... are you under the impression that's illegal? What exactly are you talking about? What exactly are you talking about? And - my god! An elected US representative has sex with potentially underage girls trafficked to him by a pimp (who is also an elected official) then gleefully shows naked photos of them to his colleagues in the House and your response is 'what about Hunter Biden?' Get a grip on yourself, man.
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    Cops are afraid of an army lieutenant, army lieutenant is afraid of the cops....and somehow this is all the epitome of freedom? If this is the trade off for being allowed to spew hate speech and carry guns everywhere, do Americans really find it odd people from other countries don't quite see it as worth it?
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    I’m not thrilled about it in a general sense but I am sort of thankful that Trump still controls the Republican Party. They reap what they sow. As does Mitch McConnell.
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    Heisenberg and Schrodinger would approve.
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    Occasionally I see a BH quote and am reminded why I blocked him. Thanks for reminding me why it’s best to ignore his ridiculous bullshtuff Joe
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    I don't disagree with their views. I just found the completely different viewpoint amusing and also how strongly they felt about it. Especially that almost everyone celebrating that day is using it as an excuse to party and have a few drinks. I will admit that prior to the people getting really upset about it, I hadn't ever read up the story behind it. I've never dressed up or partied for St Patricks day, guess next year I will go to something as a snake :)
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