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    How am I attempting to 'shame' you? The White Privilege I'm talking about isn't being applied to you. It's you giving it to Chauvin. You originally claimed Floyd died of an OD (later recanted). You've claimed that the autopsy done by the family is biased. You claimed in the OP that Chauvin won't get a fair trial. I've repeatedly asked what you mean by that. I have yet to see a specific response. Just vague assertions that the city isn't ready for the aftermath of the verdict, that there are 'forces' in play, that the outcome is already determined. You've said you don't want to believe that Chauvin deliberately killed Floyd. You said that Chauvin 'could have saved' Floyd. As was pointed out, that's sort of true. He could have 'saved' him by not murdering him. All of those claims point to the idea that you don't want to see Chauvin convicted. The idea that Chauvin should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law is a principle our justice system is founded on. The idea that white cops should be able to get away with murdering black people is not.
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    Engineer is walking down a road. He hears "Hey! You! Help!" He looks around, and he sees nothing but a big frog by a puddle. "Yeah, that's right, it's me, the frog! I'm actually a princess that's been cursed by a witch. You know that story, right? Well it really happened. Now I need someone to kiss me so I will turn back into a princess." The engineer is surprised, then thoughtful. He picks up the frog and puts it in his backpack. "Hey! Listen, you drive a hard bargain. But if you kiss me I'll give you a reward. I have some money." The engineer thinks about it then keeps walking. "OK OK. You do realize that I'm a beautiful princess, right? If you kiss me I'll stay with you and . . . uh . . . do anything you ask. Anything!" The engineer thinks about some more then keeps walking. "What do I have to do to get you to kiss me?" wails the frog. "Well, I wouldn't know what to do with a princess," says the engineer. "But a talking frog is pretty cool."
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    Bingo. I'm scheduled to get stabbed on Sunday. Apparently going to be the J&J, so only the one time. Allow the two weeks or so for my immune system to build up the immunity. And even then, still take precautions. I have an 83 year old mom, who has a ton of health issues. I do a lot to take care of her. For reasons she won't go into, she doesn't want to get vaccinated. I disagree and have tried to convince her otherwise, but she has her mind made up. So, even after I'm reasonably safe, I'm going to keep taking precautions. At least until the numbers drop significantly. Wisconsin topped 1k new infections yesterday. 7 day average is above 700. We're a long way from done with this. On the plus side, vaccines are going very well. New places opening up, appointment availability is way up. We have a good chance of beating this, but we're not there yet.
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    Just figuring that out?
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    I looked for Max Gunther’s book on Amazon and noticed that the prices for the used ones have gone up in price. I bought some a while back for around $5 to $10 each. Now those same ones are selling for $30 or more. Same on eBay. It would be great to see that book on Kindle or PDF.
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    Boy howdy that sounds just like Curly! I knew him at the old Spaceland! Wendy P.
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    I agree the view from the chin is not as good as the top of a helmet, but it still is nice. I disagree about interference with moving the head down for the chinmount.com design at least. That one is very tight/low profile to the helmet. I've used it with a gopro Session for almost 3 years. It is easy for jumpers to think they'll just cutaway or breakaway a snagged top mount camera. It is not so much the snag with a main that really bothers me. The unappreciated risk is entanglement of a top mounted camera with a deploying reserve bridle/lines/whatever. Reserves are often deployed while in a head high, even back to the wind orientation, resulting in the reserve deploying past a helmet. This is when being really snag resistant is critical. At least 2 incidents in the last few years of reserves being found on the ground fouled by cameras, I believe.
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    I've seen at my DZ 2 of the Vmag mounts lost due to being knocked loose. I use the chinmount.com version. Great quality, lowest profile, low price, if you bump into something, it dislodges instead of departs. The Grellfab chinmount is similar in this respect, but the Grellfab is much bulkier than the chinmount.com mount. I ordered it with a bunch of extra "up" angle because I fly with my head lower than the young kids. Top of head stalk-type mounts are lousy not only because they can snag not only a main or main PC. More important is they are in a great position during most cutaways to snag part of the deploying reserve as it passes by the back of your head.
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    I have to say that, until I was put straight some time ago by Riggerrob on a different thread, I always thought that static line was an impossible way to train for a freefall licence. However, having read more comments like the captioned one, I now realise that, as an older AFF student, my path to A licence might have been a bit less tense and fraught had I chosen the static line route. Many students with natural ability will sail through AFF. Many others of the less athletic or older, less supple, type may fall by the wayside or will only get there through sheer doggedness and a refusal to be beaten - and a refusal of course to check that monthly bank statement.
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