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    YouTube video about the Aurora. When I decided to focus on wingsuit skydiving, it became clear that I didn’t want to swap canopies, bag/bridle, and pilot chutes every time I wanted to make a wingsuit jump, so, I decided to buy a container and canopy specifically for wingsuit flying. After lots of research and several discussions with very experienced wingsuit pilots as well as Jeff Johnston at SunPath (he’s the engineer who designed the Aurora along with the Mirage, Vector 3, and others) I decided to order a new Aurora specifically for the fit, deployment and safety advantages. There are some performance advantages, but, those are irrelevant for me. My main concern is safety and risk reduction. I know a regular container is fine and is more fine w/ Dynamic corners, but, I like the longer, slimmer design of the Aurora because it puts the deployment handle lower. Also, the deployment bag design/packing orientation as well as the line stow/placement methodology makes sense that it would offer cleaner deployments in less than ideal situations. This container is staying zipped up with my wingsuit, so, why settle for fine when I could have something really good or even great for wingsuiting? As for aesthetics, it is very different and gets a lot of attention. Everyone who sees it is shocked it holds an Optimum 160 and Epicene Pro 190 as it’s very slender and compact compared to other containers holding these canopy sizes. Overall, I’m thrilled with the Aurora. So far, I have had perfect pulls and on-heading openings every single time. I highly recommend the Aurora for wingsuit pilots of all skill levels.
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    The FBI facial identification catalog was for law enforcement only so hard to find.. I did find this image on a page with KA3-9.. bottom left... triangular head page.
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    Properly manufactured risers don't fail at the grommet. They fail between the middle and the small ring. Most manufacturers have the RSL ring integrated in the confluence wrap
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    Mostly I agree. There are not currently any examples of incidents that a Collins Lanyard would have prevented that I am aware of. But, and there is a but, tandem main risers still occasionally break. Mostly due to unnoticed ring flip throughs.
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