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    It's a hacked account, absolutely no question in my mind. Don't engage, starve it out.
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    Just yesterday I comforted one of my friends who was a huge fan of Rush: "No, no, Will; It was the fear monger who died, not the band!" ;-)
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    I can find a page full of links in a three second search supporting that vaccines cause autism. The popularity of a theory is not proof of it. No one - I repeat no one - treats that number as absolute truth. We know that some people who died in nursing homes were not tested for COVID due to scarcity of test kits. This means that cases were undercounted. We know that some people who were at death's door got COVID and died shortly afterwards. They had COVID even though it was not the cause of death. That means those cases were overcounted. Everyone knows that we are using estimates.
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    Just stopping in to echo this. I come from a land where I chose not to give a platform to people who are either stupid or intellectually dishonest. Believe me, the world is a much better place if you just hit "off" on those people instead of playing into their desire for attention or to social media relevance algorithms. There's a reason that the dumbest comment on any FB article is at the top and getting the most exposure and that's the world in which people like BH thrive.
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    I did say "with a Vector, you can't really do much with a bottom mounted closing loop" I've known about that series, they did change it back to bottom flap rather soon though. Good info for the ones who didn't know about that series (without highjacking the topic and going into the pros and cons of both systems).
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    Agree, you are right on target on many of your posts.
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    Wow. You actually trolled brenthutch and billvon with the same post. My hat is off to you sir. Good catch.
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    It took you this long? LOL
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    Welcome to my ignore list. You will have good company there.
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    Trump is a bridge too far for me. I understand the “human hand grenade” aspect Michael Moore talked about but you can’t beat stupid with stupid squared.
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    i'd love to jump it, but damn, it is pretty old, even for me. not the round, afraid of that acid mesh shit. i did have an old 24' conical though, if i still had it i would jump it just for the hell of it, not at my dz though. that canopy is pretty, i would pay you like 20 or 30 for, but only for decoration. unless it is airworthy...maybe one jump. i think i can put a belly reserve on my rig, just in case.
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    I have a friend with a loft full of stuff that people left and never picked up again. Yeah, he can sell it, but most of it's not far off this rig. Elementary schools used to like round canopies to play with, but I don't think square ones are as attractive to them. Wendy P.
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    Nope. He played you well, Q, anyone?
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    They stick them in the back of a closet and forget about them. When they die their children deal with it like all the other crap that needs to be thrown out. There are a few collectors and this is in nice shape, but seriously it is just an old useless obsolete curiosity at this point. And I do know what you mean about hard to throw away. I once had a similar rig pass through my possession. If I remember correctly I sold it for one or two hundred dollars. Probably on Ebay, but possibly on one of the FB skydive gear sites.
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    I started listening to Rush August, 1989. He was recommended to me by a former AF MAJ that flew F-4s in Vietnam. I have never seen him as a hate monger. What he was, was a strong conservative from a strong conservative patriotic family. He had a complete and total understanding of the liberal mindset and he played it well.
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    Hi Keith, Re: Couldn't take 15 minutes of it. Click. Ain't heard a word since. About 30 yrs ago, we had a contractor located in Lancaster, SC. I went down there many times; lodged in Charlotte, NC - about a 30 minute drive to Lancaster. In the morning, on the way down, and in the late afternoon, on the way back, I found a radio station I quite liked. The only problem, when I had to drive into Lancaster for lunch, they had Rush on the air. 10 mins of that idiot, each way, was too much for me. Jerry Baumchen
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    I saw this reaction posted on another forum this morning:
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    Brent on lockdown: "lockdowns don't stop covid, we should just get back to normal and give up trying to stop covid!" Brent on AGW: (when he's saying that it's happening but not caused by humans) "we can't stop climate change, so we should just give up and keep using fossil fuels!" It's really just him unwilling to change, because the world is changing and he can't stop it, so he's trying to convince us that we can't either. Never met someone who gives up so easily! His basic arguments boil down to the 2 words "give up". I hate lockdowns, and I really wish climate change wasn't a problem, but nope, not going to listen to someone who's already given up.
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    And, in the headline from the article, as passed through the stomach of Google Translate: So it's seen as a stopgap measure, and not considered to be a big problem. And the fire that precipitated the ban was in a gasoline car. They just were able to extinguish it, and didn't think they'd be able to extinguish it in an electric vehicle with the equipment they have. It's an underground garage. Wow -- spin! Context! Wendy P.
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    Lots of USPA members support this project. The BOD is representing everyone, not just the folks complaining about it. It's easy to complain, much harder to get things done.
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