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    For one, I'd be glad if you would just stop generalising people in entire industries as being only profit-driven when you don't know a thing about them. I know doctors who agonise over every single death that happens in their care. Implying that finding a cheap cure for cancer is a conflict of interest for them is an ignorant insult. I'm fine with your claim that you care about more than just money. But if you claim that you're the only one who does, or that somehow you're in the minority, I'll call it out for the bullshit that it is.
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    Incident reports are back in the Feb. 2021 issue.
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    Hit Replay: A permanent solution demands a perfect process. We don't have that. Wrongful Convictions
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    West Tennessee Skydiving is offering HALO Oxygen Jumps from 28,000' year around, on any given Friday, for both Licensed Jumpers and Tandem Students. For licensed jumpers, the only requirement is that you have a skydiving license, from any country, and that you can be trained to use a freefall oxygen system. For complete information, please click on: https://www.skydivekingair.com/index.php?p=2800 Mike Mullins West Tennessee Skydiving
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    I sort of agree on Keystone. It's bad policy to throw away infrastructure that has been paid for, really, in the same way every dam shouldn't come down to save fish. Too bad it was such a shit idea to start with. Yes, we are all products of our surroundings but no one gets a pass for believing lies just because all the neighbors believe any bunk they're told and you don't want to make waves locally.
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    Boy, now that's cancel culture Wendy P.
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    That's a really good point, Mbohu. Wendy P.
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    A midwestern accent is a term for the linguistic definition "General American Accent"... A slight misnomer since a general American accent is the average. It is not specific but excludes unique accents. It is average American.. It doesn't define midwest regionally. General American can vary and is not a specific accent or dialect but is the standard way of speaking without specific and unique regional influences. For Cooper, they are saying that he has no particular, discernible or specific regional accent.
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    Cocowheats-To answer your question, as long as you are a licensed skydiver and can breath air through a mask, you are good to go. Specifically, any USPA license is fine, A, B, C or D is acceptable as a solo jumper. And we will train you on the operation of all the gear, including breathing with the mask. No jump number requirements, as one must have a minimum of 25 jumps to get a USPA license. It is just a REALLY LONG freefall...about 2.5 minutes. Paul Gholson S&TA & HALO Oxygen Monitor
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