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    I've just started watching some of Colin's videos. There is a lot of very good information. But, if you do this you are now a TEST JUMPER. His idea is your putting back something that was there and has worn off. But he does know what was there, how much, etc. Not quite sure what problem he's trying to solve. But you may have hard openings, slow openings, longer lasting lines, shorter life lines, wear out grommets. ALL BETS ARE OFF. In the days of dacron we used to do crazy stuff with it. Soap, various sprays, etc. Mainly openings were getting too slow. But remember slow then was what today's jumpers call a hard opening. If our canopies in the 80's came CLOSE to sniveling as long as today's designs they were a malfunction and cutaway. The first time I jumped a canopy designed for one of these long sniveling openings the owner warned me that it would take 500 to 800 feet to open and to not cut it away.
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    Interview with the director of the Dutch Institute for public health and environment (in Dutch, but Google translate is your friend). https://www.nu.nl/coronavirus/6097969/van-dissel-over-coronamutatie-moet-echt-nog-het-nodige-worden-onderzocht.html In a nutshell, don't panic. If it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. But we're going to do research anyway; in case it's just Billvon.
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    I feel so bad for this current generation who is growing up with their "image" being so public and on display and so easy to judge and criticise... We keep driving the message that people should be happy / grateful / positive / woke... And they should be these things ALL THE TIME. Ah, but they should also be "authentic" and vulnerable and flawed... Jesus... What a mind-fuck!! We are robbing people of the ENTIRE range of human emotions, which INCLUDES all the "ugly" ones like anger, envy, depression, frustration... These are not only normal, they are healthy!!! We can't be perfect all of the time. People are a hot mess of feelings, and that is a good thing! OBVIOUSLY we should practice gratitude for the things we have. OBVIOUSLY we should try not to be too self-absorbed / tone-deaf. OBVIOUSLY things could always be worse and/or someone *else* has it worse... No one is so unique that he/she is the first to experience whatever-it-is-he/she-is-going-through. But yeah. Nothing and no one is perfect. Spending all your time "faking" positivity seems to me like it's just as bad (if not worse) as dwelling on *only* the bad stuff... I know one thing... Last year I decided I sure as fuck was not going to pretend anymore that everything was always fine. Everything is NOT fine, and here's the real irony: giving myself the freedom to say so has meant that I have never been happier!! Some things in my life are super shitty, and that's ok! I'm working on it. Some days are bad... Some are good... I have profound moments of self-doubt and short bursts of joyfulness... But I am sooooooo DONE with faking it. Yesterday was a hard day. Today was better. I don't know about tomorrow... And that's fine. Not great. Not amazing. Not horrible. Just fine.
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    You have obviously never shopped at US Walmart on Black Friday.
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    From the PD page, describing Katana characteristics. Long snivel openings https://www.performancedesigns.com/products/katana/
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    It's OK -- Dominion is only suing to hide what they've done. Despicable. I read it on Facebook Wendy P.
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    I hope Brent doesn't get his panties in a twist.
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    NONSENSE! Republicans spent most of Kelly Loeffler's campaign rally chanting "Stop the Steal!" and other such Trumpisms. It is the ONLY IMPORTANT ISSUE! Remember, write in "Donald Trump" in the Georgia special election unless you hate Trump and are a communist.
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    I'm to blame for the thread drift here. The bottom line is that no matter what I think about Heller we now have an individual right to keep and bear arms in America. Bill gave indications he's a bit centrist; I wanted to develop that because I think that's where most gun rights supporters really are. Sorry for the hijack.
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    The main sticking point other countries seem to not get is that we have a US Constitution that provides a "right" that shall not be infringed versus a "privilege" like driving a car. Before you dogpile, please remember the post from about three years back. I'm not arguing gun ownership/licensing in this thread, I'm explaining where the difference lies.
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    He answered that sufficiently a few posts above, I thought. He's willing to forgo open carry as unnecessary and accept concealed carry with robust controls. Accepting that gun ownership isn't going away, what's not to like about that?
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    Best idea I've read today: Disbar every attorney involved with it.
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    Wait 20 years, and you'll realize that your body, if it's doing everything you want it to and keeps you active, is beautiful exactly as it is. That's at least as big a revelation. I used to want (narrower hips, less weight, more height -- all that stuff). Now I'm thrilled at the body I've been issued. I'm in my mid-60's, still don't think of a day of lifting boxes or a 10-mile hike as something I have to train for, and can do whatever I want pretty much -- it's perfect! Achieve that earlier, and you'll start to keep your body in shape for what it can do for you, rather than what it looks like to others. Wendy P.
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    Bridle attachment? Static line it! A club member of mine did that when his reserve was too old, and he wanted to make at least 1 jump on it before throwing it in the trash. We put it in a static line bag, tied the excess staticline to the harness with some rubber bands and he jumped it from a C182. I was JM :-) It worked perfectly.
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