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    Hello Forum, I find really interesting how Performance Designs is adjusting its skill and operating limits for the same canopy over the course of years. I address this to making it more appealing for end customers, but also to canopies getting smaller over the years in general. I'm wondering what other skydivers think of this? Below are attachments of 135ft Sabre2 from 2002. and 2015. Also a Sabre3 from 2020. P.S. - I know Sabre3 is not the same as Sabre2, but I would still put it in similar bucket. Never the less, I personally would maybe even label it as a bit more advanced wing than Sabre2 and put lower suggested weights than Sabre2, which is opposite of current Sabre3 label. Looking forward hearing from you! Cheers! P.S. again - Apologies to people I took screenshots from Facebook ads.
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    Where have all the Trumpies gone, long time passing Where have all the Trumpies gone, long time ago Where have all the Trumpies gone? Trump has scammed them them, everyone. Oh, when will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever learn?
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    It would be interesting if Gunther was hoodwinked by someone who knew about the FBI investigation of a Cooper lookalike at Elsinore in Aug of 1971, considering no one in the Cooper world knew about that investigation until the FOIA documents started being released. And there's still the time traveling Tom Kaye results to account for as well. But I get it, there is a financial consideration here, as we both have books out there and being real investigators (i.e. open minded) of the case could endanger that income.
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    In fairness at no time did he call anyone a no good fucktard liberal snowflake butt licker who should be chopped into fish food with the amazing ginzu knife. So progress is being made here.
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    Applied Wingsuit Equations: Reconstructed roll angle from GPS data, overlayed on terrain. @yuri_base
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    The ad was definitely placed in the Village Voice Newspaper. I have a copy of the microfiche. He supposedly wrote letters to at least two other people, those have not been verified, although some have tried. Ralph Himmelsbach definitely knows who Gunther was, and commented on him just before his death a few months ago.
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    Hi Jerry, Or when the president's personal attorney asked for one. On a slightly different note: Dan Rather on FB:
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    Advice - get your rigger involved in this discussion from the beginning. JW
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    You've gotten some great responses. I'd like to add, take a trip out to the DZ. Watch landings, ask questions, and learn a bit more about skydiving.
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    It's up to the DZ whether you have to do a tandem first; regardless, I'd recommend it, because it's a lower-stress way to enjoy your first jump than being in charge of everything. If the DZ knows you're interested in continuing, most will let you do some steering of the parachute, demonstrate altitude awareness, and do some coaching on other aspects of canopy control (which is harder to teach on a solo jump like a static line). I made my first jump 45 years ago, when I was 20. It was static line, simply because there really weren't any other options then. And congratulations on getting close to your weight goal; remember you're getting close to a lifestyle goal, too, because each weight has a lifestyle that goes along with it -- enjoy the increased energy you're probably feeling! Wendy P.
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    Cool application of WSE: Roll Angle from GPS data! Basically, by finding the angle of the Lift vector relative to flight path, you can compute the roll angle of the suit. Here's an example of pitch, roll, and yaw reconstructed from FlySight data: This shows initial steep exit from a cliff, followed by leveling out, a slight right turn, a corkscrew (!), then a long commute before deploying. Note that the visualization assume AoA = 0. Credit to Hartman for the roll angle calc, and DFR for the corkscrew line. BASEline - Wingsuit Flight Computer
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