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    Because their crying keeps interrupting the counting.
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    Stolen from FB: How many Trump supporters does it take to change a light bulb? None. Trump says it's fixed and they all sit in the dark cheering at the great job He's done.
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    hello. i was wondering what everyones first jump was? ill add abit of a story to this question, i have always said i wanted to skydive but havent been able to due to being too heavy. i have been working hard for the last 6 months and am starting to get close to my target and can actually see myself being under the weight limit for the first time since i was 16. now i am getting close i am starting to research into the idea actually being able to skydive. I am predicting spring is when i will be at my target weight and so thats when i plan on doing ny first skydive. this also adds another target to achieve i was wondering what you would recommend doing as a first skydive now as a more experienced skydiver if you could go back and do it again? i was looking at a stagic line as my local center has what i think is a good price on a first jump static line course. i wanted do do a jump to make sure i like it before committing the money to possibly do the aff course? or do i need to do a tandem first? sorry of this is a stupid question or had been asked before, i did search for a similar tgread but coukdnt find one, and thanks for any advive in advance thanks Alex
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    Hi Ken, Re: 'I'm trying at realism.' Yup. While it is a rather good idea, it is right up there with term-limits for people in Congress; the fox is guarding the hen house. Jerry Baumchen PS) Well written post.
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    I'm trying at realism. Changing the power structure involves someone losing power and someone gaining power. People can try lawyerly arguments about different ways of interpreting words, but clearly they already have more than a couple centuries of meaning one thing. Only some kind of force could make the small states cede power. What force would you think could be brought to bear?
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    The saddest thing I saw today was Trump's address at the White House this afternoon. He just stood up there as the US President, spouting a bunch of lies heard by probably a billion people worldwide. There IS no 'voter fraud', although there are legitimate votes being counted, mostly going Biden's way. I used to think that maybe Andrew Johnson, the guy who took over for Abe Lincoln after Lincoln was assassinated, was the worst US President. Or maybe John Tyler, a big supporter of slavery. Or maybe James Buchanan, who did nothing to try healing the rifts between north and south that soon resulted in the American Civil War. I dunno...historians have argued the 'worst presidents ever' list for generations. I would say that after today, there is no longer any doubt which US President goes straight to the top of the list. That would be the only US President who tried to take down democracy with him, after he was voted out of office. It is a sad and happy day for America at the same time. On the happy side, we are finally rid of Trump. On the sad side, Trump tries to destroy our most sacred institutions on his way out the door...just out of spite. God save us all from Donald J. Trump and good riddance to him. God bless the United States of America.
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    Well, not everyone has huge amounts of space in their city offices. And you can fit a lot more democratic observers than republican observers - especially if they are Meal Team Six types.
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    Trump, gave voice to the disaffected and disrespected working class, the guys who work with their hands M-F, take their kids hunting and fishing, coach little league on Saturday and go to church on Sunday. Obama called them “bitter clingers” and HRC called them “irredeemable” and “a basket of deplorables” The Ds abandoned the hard hats and embraced Globalists, Antifa, BLM, illegal immigrants, snowflakes and the LGTBQABCDEVFG community. Long after Trump is gone, those guys will still be there and they will have to be reckoned with, not dismissed.
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    So far it looks like the worst possible outcome. Too close to call and court fights inevitable
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    Posting these from the facebook post so they get saved here in the thread rather than get lost on facebook. Disclaimer: I did not invent/try/see anyone try this exact method.
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