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    Is that why you’ve won the popular vote twice in the last 30 years?
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    This is what he said: Seems like he's saying cheap, accurate, fast testing is what we need, and he's right. It's not only about helping the person infected, it's also about reducing the spread from that person. If an asymptomatic person finds out early that he has it, that person can isolate and infect fewer people on average. That should have a great positive impact to the course of this pandemic, which is to a large degree driven by asymptomatic spread.
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    Trump could have saved more lives than were killed in Vietnam if not for his lies and incompetence.
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    I have. And it's not vengeance, it's simply a matter of hypocrisy. Had McConnell simply said "We won't consider a Democratic-nominated judge because we don't have to, and we're too chicken to actually say so," then there'd be some intellectual honesty there. But there is none, just a power grab that is far more blatant than any executive order Obama ever signed. Wendy P.
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    The senate was never allowed to vote on the nominee. HUGE DIFFERENCE!
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    Two books should be considered, both by Pat Works. The Art of Freefall Relative Work (I think that is the title), and United We Fall. The books are old, but the knowledge is timeless, and there is a good bit of old-time skydiving culture to get you into the history of stuff you could have been a part of had you started way back then.
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    If they had put the medium on a long coke spoon instead of a swab we wouldn't be in this position.
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    i started with my brother in law on a static line jump and haven't stopped for long. he never went back. as to the 2d question, i have to ask, why would you want to? i like getting away from everyone and hanging with my sky family.
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    Pizza revenues must be down, too. Well, if Soros folds there is always Ben "the gift that keeps giving" Ghazi.
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    Not everyone wants to do it. Many folks who say they want to do it won't follow through if invited. I started in 02, when a bunch of folks I know put together a group to go jump. That was actually the 2nd year it happened, I didn't hear about the first until after it happened. This turned into an annual thing. This should have been the 20th annual, but it didn't happen. A good friend of mine and I were the only two people who kept at it and got licensed. He was in on the first one, but didn't really pursue it until the year I started. I landed after the first one, said "I am SO doing that again!!!" We're both still jumping. After we got licensed and became members of the club DZ we were at, the guy who started it all kind of 'handed it off' to us, so we were organizing this group every year. Every year, we'd set the date and get the word out. We'd get anywhere between 30-50 people who would swear up and down that they wanted to do it, and would sign up. The number that actually followed through was anywhere between 15 and 3. Yes, the smallest year was 3. That's how it goes. As something of a side note, my buddy ended up getting his TI rating. Every so often, we'd be talking to someone and the fact that we jump would come up. Almost everyone would say something like "Oh, I've always wanted to do that someday", and my buddy would say "Well, I'm a tandem instructor. We can go out to the DZ this weekend and I'll take you". Maybe one or two said 'yes'. Most folks said something along the lines of "No, I meant I want to do it someday, not this weekend." Don't stop inviting people, but don't expect more than a handful to say yes.
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    Saudi ... thats it. trump would love Saudi life. The faux gold decors.No real law but the law of money and the royal family. He'd convert to Islam in a heartbeat, just like he's a christian now. Then multiple wives so he could pussy grab with both hands. Damn you're a genius Jerry.
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    I am. No one in my family is immunocompromised, but people I see at the grocery store may be. And my elderly mother comes over to visit my toddler once a week. I haven't jumped in over seven months and miss it a lot, but right now it just doesn't seem to be worth the risk. (And if anyone wonders why I go the grocery store then, the answer is I need food. I don't need to skydive. I want to skydive.)
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    1. I have seen older jumpers learn to skydive successfully. 2. Parachute Landing Fall (PLF) is your friend!! 3. Don't tolerate ageist or poor quality instruction. The difference between the best instruction and the worst is NIGHT and DAY. 4. Go at YOUR pace. 5. I learned at age 50.... it was definitely not pretty, but I made it. The choices we make have consequences, for us & for others!
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