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    Hard to believe that in 2020 developed countries are still politically and judicially being shaped by whether or not a woman should be allowed to make a decision regarding their own body. Of course all while loudly proclaiming how backwards islamic countries are......
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    Almost a year later....Hubby decided that he no longer needs a loft (!!) so the game room is going in there. The room is empty and painted, just have to put down some cheap vinyl flooring and new lighting and it'll be time to fill it up Plan is to be done by Turkey day (the one where we eat turkeys, not the one where we choose a new one for president). Hopefully we can have it done by then. A pinball machine, a ridiculously large TV in the box, new speakers in boxes, the craps table and a few boxes of stuff for the walls are all sitting in the living room. Waiting...
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    She was on the Colorado river, floating on a rafting trip. She’s back now, catching up. It was a lot of fun... Wendy P.
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    He should wish he worked at a DZ that had skills standards for outside video and then kiss his sorry ass goodbye.
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    she shouldn't just put herself against it, but more just swing around it.
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