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    Not true. Check out the video link clearly showing a Jack knife slicing through the bridle like hot butter. https://www.facebook.com/frickflyer/videos/3597604893625570 As for trouble reaching the bridle, I think adrenaline would solve that problem.
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    That is a 360 camera, and the video is also 360. You can turn the POV in every direction by dragging with your mouse. I suspect you just played it and looked at the video. I am not sure if you can turn it on a phone, but I would assume you can. Regarding the twists, it looks to me like you pulled on your left risers and that induced the twists. I flew X-Fires 124, 113 and 102, and in 400 jumps with them I had twists twice (once with a 113, once with a 102). At least one of these twists was self induced (pulled half in a track and with a shoulder definitely lower than the other one). X-Fires open remarkably well. Honestly I doubt that at 340 jumps you are ready for that canopy. An X-Fire 124, at 1.57 is nothing to mess with. Most people recommend that at about 2x your experience. I think that that inexperience played a role in your twists. Be careful, I knew people with more experience, a less aggressive wing and less wingload, that crashed and died in otherwise perfect conditions.
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    I didn't watch the one from this thread, others did and responded. I've taken the time to find the PragerU one buried in the *other* thread, and am watching now - I hope my ad-blocker is doing its job because I don't want those hacks making a cent off my view. I am one minute in, and they've already failed twice. First item is the claims about renewables already starting to hit efficiency limits - classic PU, yes they throw up some figures that could well be valid, but there is no source. They rely on people seeing numbers and assuming that means good science. They also just dismiss out of hand that new efficiencies can be found - not that they're not here, but that they're just going to not happen and ignore anyone who says they can. Lastly (on this item) the low percentages are clearly being used to make the energy sources look poor, while conveniently and deliberately not acknowledging how insane the amount of solar radiation hitting the surface of the earth every day is. 33% of a million is always going to be bigger than 90% of 100,000, for example. Second item is the claim that for wind and solar to work the wind has to blow and sun has to shine. For wind, sure, conceded. For solar, holy fuck how is this dumbass, completely debunked talking point still doing the rounds?? Solar panels work when it's cloudy, this is not in dispute at all. Efficiency lowered? Absolutely. That's not the claim in the video though. One minute into a 5 minute video and there's already a flat out lie. I gave you the benefit of the doubt so I could at least claim to have approached this in good faith. I'm not watching the rest, and stand 100% by my original claim - PragerU have zero credibility, none. EDIT: Here's a much longer video by someone smarter than me breaking down PragerU for the complete hacks they are:
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    Hi Robert, From the article: 'His condition was not known.' Oh, his condition is known: Idiocy Jerry Baumchen
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    Regret what? When McConnell was the Senate minority leader, he used the filibuster to block every one of Obama's nominees to court positions. With no nominees going through, the courts started to have real problems keeping up with their dockets because of too few judges. Reid eliminated the filibuster for lower level judges but kept it for supreme court appointments. What alternative did he have? Not fill one empty judge seat as long as Obama was in office? Later when McConnell became majority leader he blocked every Obama nominee, which is why there were so many empty judgeships for Trump to fill. brenthutch calls it "realpolitik", and so it is. Win at all costs, even if you destroy the Senate in the process, poison the well so collaboration to solve problems becomes impossible, and force American citizens to wait years longer than they should have for their day in court. At one time people could call the Senate "the world's greatest deliberative body" without throwing up in their mouth. No longer.
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    Ok, now that I tried looking at it on a computer the issue is clear. I dont know what exactly started the linetwists. Probably dipped a shoulder low through the deployment. But the more important part is that X Fire started diving on you because you have uneven risers. Whenever you get linetwists the FIRST thing you do, especially on an elliptical canopy, is to get the risers even. Look at the slinks to see if they are even or not. If the slinks are are uneven the lines are uneven which will put the canopy into a spin. Even a reserve can dive on you if the risers are uneven enough. If you would have evened up the risers that canopy would have stopped spinning right away and you would have been fine.
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    Nobody noticed his dbag turned almost 90 degrees on it's own before the canopy came out? I think it's just bad luck or you dipped one side of your body, causing the dbag to rotate. Also nice save, but I'd try to kick out the line twist for a bit longer. It seems it was not a deep one.
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    Updating this reply after seeing the videos that Chuck shared below. I have always assumed that in this scenario the drogue would be hard to physically cut, but maybe I underestimated the hook knives function here. I think your best outcome is still relies on the tandem instructor following the procedures to a t, so you can free yourself once the tandem pair is free from you.
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    one other thing I thought about is AFTER the TI chops his main you have a situation very similar to a horseshoe malfunction and you can treat it as such. only exception is you still have a main and reserve. two trys then deploy main. it would probably be easy to lose altitude awareness in this situation so this is likely your best bet
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    You do understand that the McDonald shooting was very typical for the Chicago PD, right? As was the coverup. All the cops on scene knew exactly what had happened. It wasn't a "Shoot/No Shoot" scenario. A cop rolled up on the situation, got out of his car and executed the kid. The cops falsifed reports, intimidated witnesses and destroyed evidence (camera footage from a nearby business). The ONLY reason it came to light is because a cop who saw the video, and couldn't stomach the idea of what happened, called a civil rights group and told them about the video and what it showed. He did so anonymously. He did that because cops who snitch are in serious danger. After the civil rights group found out, they had to pursue a lawsuit to get the video released. The cops refused, and fought and even disobeyed the judges order to release it. They then charged the cop the day before the video was forced to be released. The reason this had made the news the way it did isn't because the way the cops covered it up is rare, it's because the fact that the coverup was exposed is. The reality is that accusations of this sort of behavior have been made for years (decades - forever basically). The fact that video has become so prevalent is the main reason that some of these accusations have begun to gain some traction. Without video proof, it's always been the word of accused criminals against the cops. And the cops made sure they all told the same story, lawyered up behind the union lawyers and the they got away with it.
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    Doing PLFs make me feel young again :) I was also lucky to start on rounds, now whenever a landing looks dodgy I can instantly do a PLF at the last second. So far I have been lucky and never been hurt, nothing worse than bruises.
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    Hi 17, Interesting. I am just now sitting here watching the evening news & had that same thought. I'm glad Obama asked, if he did. She should have called it quits 7-8 yrs ago; we would then have a balanced court. Jerry Baumchen
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    Yes seriously. If they save $30 a week (less than 10% of their salary) it is paid off in 5 years. Which is much better than being dead. And is much better than $400,000. However, if the plight of the poor outrages you, feel free to help out. Or better yet campaign for single payer.
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    The whole US healthcare insurance system is so patently ridiculous that the world shakes its head in amazement that the people tolerate it. The only explanation for it is your related tolerance for corporations owning your politicians.
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