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    He wasn't suffocated by the state. If anything he was suffocated by fentanyl.
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    I applied to Trump University, but they rejected me because I didn't meet their high academic standards.. :-(
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    The reserve is a 40-year old round and the container is a Talon Classic that cannot be modified for an AAD so none of this is allowed to be jumped in France, however it did work last time I jumped it. :) The years roll by faster than you think. The DZO gave me the details of a museum in Strasbourg who would be interested by it, just I can't admit I'm old enough to be donating my stuff to museums.
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    So, if I understand POTUS correctly, your almost 200000 coronavictims died relaxed and thanks to him not in a state of panic???
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    Ahhhh yes, and yet - just like Trump, its NEVER her fault. Horse of a different color is dead on. Oh, and now it's a set up. Sitting in the chair, without a mask. How is it she doesn't know the rules? Hasn't this been her focus for all this time?
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    The weasling is strong. Ignorance of the law on the part of Queen Nancy is no excuse. I wonder if she'll be required to pay a fine.
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    Nancy Pelosi gets haircut inside San Francisco salon despite COVID orders The left always wants you to believe they're somehow better. In reality they're just a horse of a different color.
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    Anyone who compares a Havok to a performance suit clearly has absolutely no experience with acro flying.
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    does anyone know what happened to George Bosworth, a member of the USA parachute team in the 1950s?? He lived in Buffalo NY during the 60s, but I lost track of him. He is a great guy, and was a big help in the beginnibng of my jumping career. If you know if he's still alive and well, could you advise me. Thanks much, BILL COLE D41 Canada
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