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    Actually, that should be firmly ingrained before level 1.
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    Agreed. I just think the ignore function could use some tweaking. I don't consider myself "superior" to anyone. That just struck me as flipping weird, rude, and a very odd thing to say. Trolls here get away with more than the majority of social media platforms. It really defeats the effort to have discussions sometimes.
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    I'll never understand why white wingers consider everyone not in lock step with their hatred of the world is always considered a liberal. It's like all white wingers are still in 6th grade. They can't have a discussion without screaming and calling people names.
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    Hi airdvr, From what I believe is your definition of 'liberal,' then this country is truly liberal. Hillary beat Trump by nearly 3 million votes. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/hillary-clinton-officially-wins-popular-vote-29-million/story?id=44354341#:~:text=Clinton had 2%2C864%2C974 votes more than Trump%2C the,candidate in U.S. history%2C according to the AP. Jerry Baumchen
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    Maybe spend some time in a tunnel over the next couple of years, then skip the tandem and do an AFF jump on your 18th birthday?
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    We all know what we signed up for when going thru AFF, what happened to the student isn't uncommon and messing up is also part of progression, however this coach was all over the place - as some have pointed could be working on levels etc - but the reaction once he opens canopy shows you the kind of AFFI he is. I dont think the coach/AFFI did anything dangerous, however the DZ and its students needs to rethink working with him. We had an AFFI like that at the DZ, all he cared about was fun jumping (which is fine) but when he was needed for AFF,Tandem or cam he would bitch and complain. He didn't last long in our DZ.
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    Or, you could block anyone who ever quotes the person you have blocked. But it could get lonely pretty fast. Personally, I just shake my head when people engage with the trolls.
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    Radom comments. For information there are two currently marketed civilian parachute systems that include sacrificial bartack lazy leg systems, not to protect the jumper so much as the parachute components. Butler includes a bartack lazy leg on the bridle of their higher rated pilot parachutes and Free Flight Enterprises also uses a bartack lazy leg on their higher rated Preserve V between bag and the PC. Rock climbers depend on the elastic nature of climbing rope to soften their falls. Shock absorbing sacrificial shock absorbers are more to protect sketchy hardware anchor placement from the fall load. Rescue rope or repelling rope is designed to have very limited stretch. With such rope and with fall arresting safety systems shock absorbing systems are required in case of an unintended fall. This is where the commercial safety system and rescue shock absorbers are used. (I am trained in high angle rope rescue) Perhaps we need to bring back Softer Man!! Those who were at PIA symposiums in the late 90's or early 00's remember a jumper who had an invention to soften openings. It was essentially a large domed slider attached to the four main connector links. Essentially the theory was it acted as a drogue when the risers came out before the canopy started deploying. He had an ad in Parachutist and or Skydiving for about a year or two. I don't know anyone that took him seriously, especially since he ran into the seminar room in a super hero outfit. I don't know anyone who thought that it was a good idea. Anyone who knows me knows I'm the resident sceptic. A mildly amusing discussion that comes up every few years. PIA used UPT's wireless load sensing and data accumulation system for the reserve PC and extraction force data. It seems that controlling force instead of a breakable "fuse" is more acceptable to jumpers and eliminates the issues with two suspension points.
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    AFF Level 3???. Camera mount on his helmet, yellow googles, and no sign of a radio? Does anyone here not doubt what is before their eyes? Rig #22 so it's not a tiny DZ. Wings rig so it's likely in the US which agrees with the ridiculous decals on his helmet. Whatever. The DZO needs to get out of the business if this is really an AFF Level 3. If it's the Coach jump it appears to be then USPA needs to take the sign down or quit rating coaches, if the Coach was even rated. Even so, it's back on the DZO. If your coaches suck that bad and you send them up anyway you are in the wrong business.
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    He had a reserve handle, right? Why didn't he pull that? The AAD fire had nothing to do with the instructor, unless that instructor trained him and neglected to talk about that. By level 3, a student should be able pull their own reserve if they can't find the main handle, and they should know what to do if an instructor isn't there at pull time. Shit happens, I signed the waiver, it's on me to save my own life.
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    It will get better with time. It's probably just anxiety. I had it a lot for the first 40 jumps or so too. I used to loose sleep during AFF actually even though nothing really that bad actually happened to me during AFF. If it was easy, what would be the point? It's fun because it's not easy. Give it time and it will get better. The first 40 jumps are the hardest mentally.
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    No clue who you are or what your experience is, but I would very strongly suggest getting training for both the gun and motorcycle if you don't have experience with them. Even if you do have experience, but not recently, 'recurrency' training would be a good idea.
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    She didn't have to say it...she lived it. And she still couldn't win. Brazile sums it up near the end: “If the fight had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead. This was not a criminal act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity.”
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