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    I started out by calling this other jumper an idiot, and they probably are, but the question is what do you mean about tracking up jump run, and what did they think you meant. It sounds like they were referring, not to break-off, when you track enough to get minimum separation from the jumpers on your group, and instead literally tracking up jump run. If that is what they meant then they should know that a premature canopy opening, or something else out of the ordinary like a canopy malfunction on opening will eat up that vertical separation from group delay in a nano second. Combine that with your movement relative to the other groups because of tracking, and you can get yourself a cozy coffin, or a rad wheelchair. If they mean tracking at the end of a jump, well yes, you track relative to your group center, and you should track just long enough to get the separation. IF you left proper delay between groups, and the group order was correct, then that type of tracking for separation shouldn't be an issue and your focus should be on a heading that gets you the best separation from your group.
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    I shoot in the 70s... ...any colder and I don't want to play.
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    Ribs (as in parachute ribs, not pg ribs aka crossbracing. Getting complicated. Ha, ha)are already getting pretty threadbare in cases and don't particularly affect negatively, although it may have life expectancy issues in the long run. It's is more notable in BASE canopies which are not expected to last housands of jumps. For example or When getting the geometry right they work just like an upside down suspension bridge, where loads can be transferred effectively and thus only a certain amount of 'threads' are needed to support the expected loads and they seemingly cope well. Similar thinking is used with regards support tapes in PG's and some sky canopies, having them form parabolas instead of the classic triangles. That supports the load more evenly accoss the to skin and avoids the pinchpoints usually asociated with traditional supprot taping. NZA's kraken does have parabolic tapes and interestingly in their marketig they have photos of what could have been an earlier pre-production model without them (or mini-ribs) and the difference seems noticeable. Could also just be judicious photography work of the later model making it look smoother though ;-) Other more leftfield 'solutions' do exist, for example PdF techno reserve's direct attachements to the top skin via spectra line, rendering the rib itself more of a 'helper' in order to shpe the skin rather than supporting the load. Similarly single skin PG's have direct line attachements with no rib, ribs used as a bit of a fender to keep air in only, or parabolic tapes/lines with fabric only above between the parabolas and top skin to again, help shape the top skin and spread the load without pinchpoints. The amount of 'ideas' that have been put to use past and present outside the 'normal' stuff is pretty inspiring, so the 'lines only rib' thing does not look that far fetched in context, though it looks like a lot of faff and likely no possible benefit over other 'systems'? On a 'normal' RAM air canopy a rib of sorts is still needed at least at the unloaded bit even if crossbraced to shape the bottom skin and preventing it from ballooning downwards from the internal pressure. P.S. I found that website a while ago and have been trucking through it. It is excellent in a nerdy sort of way. Thanks Edit: This is one example of a single skin pg rib made wth parabolic tapes + fabric. It'd be the best compromise as opposed to using just lines i think, so as to spread the load evenly acroos the seam
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    https://vimeo.com/396836758?fbclid=IwAR0MvbO7TsgbH3Uteogft4WwB-z3sVrfD-NYAvtik82FNa6xl3X9lDhpoBI For those that are interested Flip made another stop on his Blue Skies Black Death World Tour. This time in the Maldives. Thanks to Sam King for doing the video edit, Ray Ferrell for traveling with Flip and including the Oreos. You were and are still truly loved and respected Flipper! Mark
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    I'm more thinking about Bernies supporters staying home on game day, not the primaries.
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    "I need to impress herCause I'd like to undress her" -Lyle Lovett
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    Sounds like it could be a pretty methed up business. Man.
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    Looks like a non-issue as gowlerk indicates but there is a better solution than crowd sourcing internet rig advice. What I would do, were I concerned, I would get off the internet and call RI, send them the video, discuss what you perceive is the issue. This forum is no place to get real answers, go to the manufacturer. Sandy, Brenda, Salena, and the rest of the RI Curv gurus are very approachable and always interested in ensuring any issue with their gear is sorted out. Go to the the source, get off the friggin' internet...
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    It has meaning to everyone. It compares Trump to a populist dictator who was widely viewed as an undiginified clown, who celebrated the burning of his capital and who committed suicide after being deposed by rivals who took advantage of his fecklessness and weakness. Let's see if the prediction comes true!
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    She would surprise us with random cards. She was so sweet to send them to us across the country, even though we had never had the opportunity to meet in person. She will be missed.
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    Hmmm..... also, what seems like sliming away to you feels like the thread drifting off in a new direction to me. Thread drift is fine, but if you don't acknowledge or just ignore a sincere response just because you don't like the direction it's going and demonstrates how you were wrong, then you're just moving the goal posts, changing the subject and being evasive in an attempt at misdirection.
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    I'm guessing you're more like the "sending vibes" type?
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    Or, it might be the most important thing to them that they CAN do. They are willing to commit to asking the most powerful being in their minds to help the people. It's a gesture of the highest caliber, if its sincere. (I have seen many times where its just words) It's really just how you choose to look at it.
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