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    As the impeachment process is finally over, everybody can decide for himself what a ***** job the American Senate has done. (***** insert any adjective according to your personal belief) Now let‘s try and find the bright side of the current situation. Technically, we can claim a big increase of democratic nations in the world. Every banana republic can meet the standards set by the (self proclaimed) greatest democratic nation in the world. And on the historical side, especially as german, one always has the question how could our grandparents let the events between ‘33 and ‘45 happen. Now we can witness first hand what one guy and a power grabbing party can do to a nation. Caution: The above text may include traces of sarcasm and truth and may be an alternative fact for good measure.
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    Dammit, Andy. Every once in a while; you'll surface in an old thread and it makes me realize how much I miss hanging around with the "old" crew.
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    Downsizing won't fix an issue with heading on opening. First is to check and make sure all the lines on the canopy are in trim. next, look at packing techniques and body position on opening. Also, what is your body doing *during* the opening sequence ? Are you watching your canopy snivel or staying in a stable position and letting it open ?
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    They do, but some models are legitimately superior than others and some brands are provably faster or more acro-friendly than others. It kinds of just depends on what you want.
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    I have flown the Hog, Freak, Strix Strix 2 and most of the other suits on the market. The Hog is a fine suit. It has inflatable grips so the grips are basically just part of the arm wing. The carbon rods are in essence just installed into the wing and you hold onto that. Some people like it. I personally dont, but it's just a preference thing. The suit itself is big and has lots of power. I dont think it's as fast as the Freak 3, but it is likely faster and more powerful than the Strix 2 and it's still a quite fast suit. I outflew a friend in his Hog while he was flying my Freak 3 to demonstrate that the suit can still go fairly fast given it's flow well. I cant comment on its acro ability as I just flew it for performance. Overall it's a fine suit. Not too much to complain about with it. That said, I'd still prefer a Freak 3 as I think the Freak 3 is the best all-around advanced suit made to date.
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    I don't think the two are mutually exclusive
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    I by no means am bashing Tony or his business, dudes been around for a long time doing what he does. I also look at Mickle and The Kid, THEY can out fly anyone wearing a fucking hefty bag! But I digress. I fly squirrel because not only are there suits PROVEN winners (again, see the pilot inside the suit) but the customer service is THE HIGHEST in the market. IMO. If you live on the other side of the world, maybe PF would be better in regard, but again, I speak from my own experience...
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    Note that these kind of jumps near terrain are 'a skydive' but when combined with impulsive decisions can quite quickly turn into proximity flights that do demand other gear choice and a more seasoned/trained background for making those (close to terrain) flights. Especially on the Eiger jumps, some people tend to fly towards vs away from the mountain, and end up flying a lot lower than their choice of gear and experience should allow for. Its an incredible visual, but always respect the safety and training standards from skydiving and don't put yourself lower or closer to terrain than you should be...
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