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    The Bonfire was called Talk Back I remember "In before the Lock!" I remember when I would refresh the bonfire page a few times an hour and was still never caught up. I remember bragging about weekend numbers..... humps, jumps, and BEER! Wouldn't it be nice to have it all back?
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    Congrats Al, well deserved. I know he will do a great job, he represented us well here in New England with his previous position..
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    Note that these kind of jumps near terrain are 'a skydive' but when combined with impulsive decisions can quite quickly turn into proximity flights that do demand other gear choice and a more seasoned/trained background for making those (close to terrain) flights. Especially on the Eiger jumps, some people tend to fly towards vs away from the mountain, and end up flying a lot lower than their choice of gear and experience should allow for. Its an incredible visual, but always respect the safety and training standards from skydiving and don't put yourself lower or closer to terrain than you should be...
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    No - That would be way to technical of a win. Trump has to lobby seriously, not as a joke, for legislation that the term limits do not apply to him. Do I owe beer for my 100th like?
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    It’s really easy to get the idea that these are somehow valuable political positions with some kind of payoff for the people who serve. The reality is these are volunteer positions for people who care about the sport. Be careful what you are saying. And yes, it is very clear that you have not researched the matter at all.
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    Stay teachable. By that, I mean don't ever forget that you know very little and have a lot to learn. Don't become the '100 jump wonder' who knows everything. Continue to learn. I've heard it said that some skydivers have 500 jumps, others have done the same jump 500 times. Keep showing up. Even if the weather is 'iffy', show up anyway. There's a lot that can be learned on weather holds, just sitting around and talking. Listen more than you talk. At this point, there's very little you can do to impress them with your skills. But you can show a good attitude.
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    An RW Challenger 240.... made by New England Parachute Co.
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    For me probably the Viking Superlite. 230 sq ft of F111, my 125-lb self could sink it into anything. I was able to stand up a landing when I hooked it on backwards once Wendy P. There is nothing more dangerous than breaking a basic safety rule and getting away with it. It removes fear of the consequences and builds false confidence. (tbrown)
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