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    I am so looking forward to this being ended. It's selfish, ridiculous, unsafe, unsanitary and a direct insult to people who need service dogs to make their day's easier.
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    I had a moment and some good news (well I think it is good news anyway lol) so I thought I would post an update. As previously mentioned, I have been tweaking the electronic design to try and reduce the power consumption of the Sport model. The good news is preliminary testing indicates that the hardware changes to the Sport model will reduce peak power consumption by over 70% compared to the Military model. That "should" double the number of jumps on a set of batteries to get us in the 1000 jump range. Actual field testing will have the final say, but I am very pleased with the results of the changes. The bad news is the new “lower power” components are super expensive!!!! Noting is free I guess lol. Really looking forward to testing this year!
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    From my perspective they are attempting to protect themselves from the poisonous and corrupt effects of power in the hands of priests, imams, rabbis, and evangelist preacher types. Are you sure you are not angry and perhaps hateful over this?
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    Same old liberal agenda - wanting to tell others how they should fit in their view. So, it's ok if he's carrying a gun dressed like a hunter or a civil war reenactor is ok. - is it ok for the hunter to carry what ever kind of weapon he wants? Whose permission does he have to get to dress like a militia-man? Or, is this just another case of, "ooooh, that looks scary - ban it!?"
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    Unfortunately, I'd agree with that. The cult of "the good guy" assumes that the "good guy" is always right, and that therefore what he does extrajudicially is actually in the best interest. It shows a lack of faith in the system, which is what's supposed to protect us. Yeah, the system is getting more and more complicated, and easier to game because of that. But fix the system, don't just ignore it. Wendy P.
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    If it doesn't work out here they could always go to America. He has an anchor wife......
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    Worked for me. Same with smoking - you just stop.
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    And again, you're positing nothing more than a god of the gaps. You are begging the question by demanding that an atheist reponse has to be framed in the context of a human being a meat robot. It doesn't. There is no contradiction between having rational atheist beliefs and a moral code. They are sperate things.
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    Jim, I think he's just using a curved thin piano wire similar to a wire finger trap tool. The temp pin looks like one of the welded wire main pins we used before the stainless pins came out. They were welded so the pin came off the ring as a tangent rather than a radius. (like a vector pin 9 shaped except welded wire) In my opinion a much better geometry that eliminates the leveraged pull a stainless pin can have similar to a straight pin on a throwout. I may have to dig out some to use as temp pins. Too lazy to go find one now for a photo.
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    you'll also be wearing thirty pounds of parachute gear. That'll make you fall faster.
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    I submit several license and rating applications a month for people in my region. I am finding new licenses are issued within a week to 10 days from arrival at USPA. That is with normal submissions. If you want and pay for expedited service, usually within 24 hours, that service is available. I am sure it varies a little based on the seasons, but I have never had a license submission take more than 10 days even during their busiest time. With the new on-line license and rating program, that time lag should decrease. Paul Gholson USPA Southern Regional Director
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    You should probably ask the USPA this. They will know better than anyone on here.
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    That's all fine and good but until someone can describe in joules the difference between a motherfucker and a puppy kicking motherfucker why stop?
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    Hello To ALL..... Just checked in here, to find this thread.....Thanks to Each of your for your posts and good wishes......The worst Is now Over. I was discharged on Oct 20th.. " They turnt me Loose " " said I was Well " …. And I AM.... I had gone to Skydive The Falls on Saturday September 14th and after a bit of a wind hold it calmed down and they started sending up loads. I enjoyed a Nice 2 way from 12 grand with a long time buddy....The view of Niagara Falls during the climb to altitude was Fantastic . While Packing my rig afterwards, I found it to Be, a bit of an effort.. and I had to stop 3 times and sit to rest...… Hmmmm. Got home that night and was just feeling wrung out... No real pain, no numbness, but I felt lousy..It was around 10 or 11 pm and Nancy had already gone to sleep. I saw NO value in waking her and having her SIT in an E R waiting room, wondering and Waiting,,,, so I wrote her a note , left it where she could Easily Find it. and said " I am going to the hospital " Got there in a few minutes because it is only a couple of miles away. It was NOT busy and they took me in quickly. They did an EKG on me. and the next thing I knew they were calling for an anesthesiologist AND a surgeon !! Yikes !!!! Well they did a big time bypass on me , had me on a heart pump and a respirator throughout... I was out of it for a few days... and feel terrible about putting my FAmily through those first few days, post Op... I got great care from the doctors and nurses and a few in particular were top shelf, in their encouragement and insistance that I "get UP and get Moving"... I was walking around and improving each day, by about 2 weeks post op and little by little they removed the trach... and the drainage apparatus and the nasal feeding tube and got me back onto swallowing and a bit of a sense of normalcy... I have been Home now for 10 days or so, and I am pain free and no longer need the walker I had been using. Kind of glad we are coming into the end of the year as I am on a hiatus from work and will be doing Physical therapy and building up my appetite the next few weeks. I lost 22 pounds and was Under 170, for the first time since high school..... Anyway things are improving. I am proud that I Did NOT ignore my sense of malaise and instead sought medical care...... I was told I was getting close to a cardiac arrest..... Follow your instincts my Friends No One is bulletproof and certain issues CAN sneak Up on us... I feel blessed that in addition to Great Friends and Family, I also have a Guardian Angel or Two... sitting on my shoulders... Thanks skymama,,, for initiating this thread. I am glad that I checked in here,,, to Find it.... skydive often, skydive safely, skydive with friends . jimmytavino uspa # 9452 A3914 D12122